Sunday, June 29, 2014


This was the buy of the day at the swap meet yesterday.  Geri bought it for her granddaughter.  Can you tell what it is?  


So cute, yah!!!  It was only 10 bucks!

It was so hot yesterday that even though we were full from just having eaten filipino food we stopped by Waiola for some shave ice. 

They might not have the best syrup around, but I do believe that they have the finest shaved ice.  I ordered a Creamsickle. 

Geri ordered a Pickled Mango with condensed milk.

We also went to Marukai.  N, is this the liquid coffee you talked about?  I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good!


Anonymous said...

J: oh da cute the table and chairs and they are in excellent condition. If I could fit, I would want one!

You guyz are awesome bargain hunters. Do you bring along that cart along all the time to haul away your goodies?

Yes I believe that's the coffee. Was it still on sale? Mom wants more so will stock up on my next town trip in 2 weeks, though that was a bargain price.

If you're in da Marukai area you can try buy some ramen at Sun if you eat a lot of it. Sun provides mostly all the noodles at the ramen-ya around like Ezogiku. They even have the Zippy's saimin if you want to buy. Of course you can also buy the homongus pkg of fish dashi too.

I bought 5 lbs. of their chewy, curly saimin (pkged as something like Old Style Hawaii saimin) for only $8.50 (no tax) - they call it tetomi ramen. Now that I use their Tonkotsu sauce (.65 pkt) I no can use the fish based ones anymore.

I use to buy their #28 the more slender ramen for $3.65 for about 2-3lbs. The receptionist is very knowledgeable about the noodles and they have a book on their products so she can explain each one, the differences between each.

Umm, but the parking can be tight but I always managed to park in front of their long building next to their vans/trucks. Don't park across the street cuz it's some weird private parking and there is a tow truck. No signs but one time they were trying to tow a car but driver talked them out of it. I was next to her so I just booked it outta there!

Just enter thru the door next to the yellow curtain on the far right and go upstairs. They're open 1/2 day on Sat. Then to pick up go to the far left open door. And a very grumpy and unhappy worker will give you your order. I usually get the same asian lady and no matter how many times I greet her, only the look of irritation is going down from a frown to normal annoyance.

Not big on customer service that one. But the receptionist is a major sweetie.

I eat ramen daily at home for lunch so yea, I use that much noodles. -N

jalna said...

So cute yah, N!!!! Yup, I usually put my rolling bag on to a rolling cart, so I actually have two rolly things . . . just in case. Sure came in handy!

I never been to the Sun Noodle Factory, but might be worth a try just to see if I can get a smile outta Ms. Grouch. I like to challenge myself that way. LOL!!

I just looked at my receipt. The coffee wasn't on sale, but I thought it was only $1.99 so I got it anyway. I was wrong . . . it was $4.29! Yikes. Plus, I got the "no sugar" one. I wanted sugar. See what happens when you no can read Japanese good. Muck up!

Anonymous said...

Btw Geri is a grandma? How can that be? I know she is far too young:)

Cute your sisters!

jalna said...

Awww . . . you so sweet, Anon.

Anonymous said...

J: oh wow da price went up, was only $.99, don't think we'll be stocking up at $4 more! Hard yeah when illerate in Japanese. I couldn't figure out the sugar or sugarless one but only had one choice. I can only read hiragana so if it ain't it, well I could be buying whale blubber for all I know.

You rock as a shopper, you da bargin shopper of da year for bringing your own rollies to the swamp meat. I get choke shopping bags in the car but do I ever bring them. Of course NOT!

BTW Sun Noodle no can see the factory. Not much to see - mostly equipment doing something or maybe nothing. The pickup place the saimin - cooked or raw are pkged and come out on a conveyor belt and the workers are counting, bagging and stacking. Umm, not too exciting.

I do like there becuz they have a bathroom I can use downstairs. At my age knowing were the lua is, is very important. It's in the warehouse area and can just use 'em.

jalna said...

LOL. N, you're right . . . always nice to know where the bathrooms are.

jenny said...

$10! That's one steal!

Dd said...

Good Find...and PINK TOO !! I believe Waiola just opened a second location at Ward Warehouse !!

Nippon Nin said...

Nice! love the table set! And it's great price. The shaved ice look great.

Ha ha ha, reading other people's comments is fun!

Erick said...

I love Waiola. Close too, no need drive to North Shore.

jalna said...

I know, Jenny! So score!

Glad you enjoyed, Akemi.

Me too, Erick.