Monday, June 16, 2014

Wendell's Chinese Roast Pork

Wendell said that he looked at several recipes to figure out how to do this. I wanted to call it "Wendell's Lechon" because it looked and tasted more like lechon to me.  But he said, "No no no no no no.  It's CHINESE ROAST PORK!" When I started to argue he said, "You're not listening to me."  Okay, so it's Wendell's Chinese Roast Pork. 


Wendell's not sure of the exact measurements of the ingredients, but like you'll see in the YouTube video that I have at the end of this post, I don't think you need to be exact. He said that the first thing you gotta do is to poke 10,000 pukas into the fatty side of your pork belly.  Then he rubbed in salt, five spice and white pepper and refrigerated for about 1 hour.  He said that it should be refrigerated for longer, but that's all the time he had. For 3 pounds of belly he used around 2 tsp. salt, 2 tbs. five spice and sprinkle of white pepper. Before baking, he brushed on some vinegar with a little salt added to it.  I read that this is what gets the fat to crackling.  He baked it at 430 degrees for 1/2 hour, poked more holes into the fat, and then baked for another 1/2 hour. After it was pau baking, Wendell broiled it so that the top would look ono.

It was good . . . just like LECHON.


Here's the YouTube video that I found.  I don't think that Wendell put on the salt crust that's demonstrated 'cause he didn't mention it.


Anonymous said...

I recently found out that you also boil the meat to get excess fat out.

jalna said...

Thanks, Anon. Wendell mentioned that he had read that too, but was reluctant to try that method. Maybe next time.

Kalin's Mommy said...

OOh, looks so good!

jalna said...

Cracklin', Mich!

jenny said...

You and Wendell are too funny. I think you're both right but since I'm Chinese, I'm afraid I have to side with Wendell. :)

Anonymous said...

J: I stay hungry now! I like your convos with Da Wendall. Must be so ono eating it hot lil dat. Thanks for the info at Marukai right across from where I normally am at, ken tell I get blinders on. What did you do for Da Wendall for Father's Day? -N

K and S said...

ooh crispy!

Lorna said...

What? Take out excess fat? Anyway, with the Chinese 5 spice, must add a new flavor to this. Has Wendell ever made tinono (grilled pork belly cut into slices and added to tomato and onion slices with apple cider vinegar, some patis, and shoyu). Yummmmmmmy!

jalna said...

Jenny, don't tell, but I think you're right.

N, Landon made an ono spread for Father's Day. Unfortunately, it ended up being too dark to take good pictures. We had filet mignon, both hibachi and tataki style, grilled shrimp, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms with beans and blackened ahi.

Was real crispy, Kat.

Lorna, that's exactly what Wendell did with it! Didn't know it was called tinono. He shared it with his softball team.

Mark Shelby said...

All I can say is....


jalna said...

Me too, Mark!!

Nippon Nin said...

I have to watched the video twice to get recipe...sort of. My husband loves the kind of dish. I have to try it for him. Wendell did great job! Looks absolutely delicious!

mmiissee said...

I love crispy skin...thats the best part hahaha That is some juicy roast pork.

jalna said...

It's more a man's kind of dish yah, Akemi.

It was juicy, Mmiissee.

Mark Shelby said...


I used to love to make Kalua Pig in my Mom's kitchen oven at home in Honolulu.

I would use a 3 to 4 pound pork butt.

Go in the back yard and get Ti leaves.

Stab the pork with a knife. Then drizzle mesquite smoke flavor.

Then sprinkle with Hawaiian rock salt!

Wrap the Pork with the Ti leaves and tie with string. Or sometimes banana leaves. This helps keep the steam and flavor in. And so it does not dry out.

Then slow cook the Pork Butt in the oven long and slow all night long!

It's ready at lunch time the next morning! And plenty left for dinner.

And HO Man, does your whole house ever smell good!

The meat just falls apart!

You make the cabbage and rice separate just before lunch time the next day.

I love to cook! And I always enjoy all of your good cooking info and pics!

Try it! And send pics! ; )

Erick said...

Yum, roast pork!

jalna said...

I remember, Mark! Back in the day . . . I think I tried doing it. It was a popular recipe. I totally forgot about it.

Try make um, Erick!

Leslie's pics said...

i'm so moving in with you.

jalna said...

Wonder where he gets his ideas from yah, Les.