Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sandwiches from City Cafe

I picked up a bunch of sandwiches from City Cafe today.  They're on Makaloa across from Walgreens.  I've blogged about them twice before.  You can check it out here and here.   I convinced everybody who ordered that we should all share so that we could each have a sampling of the different varieties that we got. I cut each sandwhich into fourths and we each got a sampler platter.  Good idea hah! They were all so good, I kinda don't know which was my favorite.  I told CQ that I wouldn't mind ordering from them again tomorrow. 

Chicken Pesto ($5.73)

Bacon, Provolone and Chicken ($5.73)

BLT with Avocado ($5.25)

Ham and Cheese ($4.73)

Chicken Salad with Sliced Cucumbers ($5.01)




K and S said...

looks so good!

Leslie's pics said...


:) josefina :) said...

that looks so good!

Erick said...

BLT look ono, I think I going tomorrow.

jalna said...

They were yummy Kat!

Soooorry Les. Hahahaha.

Mmmm mmmm good, Jos. Hey, where's that from? Campbell's Soup commercial?

Maybe I'll see you there Erick.

Betty Townsend said...

Yum! These look really good!!

jalna said...

I wonder why my sandwiches never come out ono like these, Betty.

Anonymous said...

woooooow baaaacon and provolone.
wheres the ruben?


jalna said...

Hahahaha, no more reuben Kevin. Oooh that would be awesome if they had it.