Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kiawe Grill

Last week Thursday I picked up lunch from Kiawe Grill on Makaloa. It was my first time to try their food, and I can think of only one word to describe the flavor . . . smokey. In fact, the smell lingered in my car for awhile.

This is Marshall's BBQ Special ($9.95).

Mel ordered the Grilled Teri Burger ($5.95).

Julie and Cathy picked the Hamburger Steak ($8.50).

Both Les and Mark got the Grilled Salmon ($9.95).

There were two types of Kalbi. This is Nelson's BBQ Kalbi ($9.50).

CQ and Tysha ordered the Pulehu stye Kalbi ($9.50).

This is my Mini Sports Pack which came with chicken, beef, spam and mandoo ($4.85).


K and S said...

looks ono!

jalna said...


DNakamaru said...

I was going there so much the lady knows my name. I usually get that sport pack but the Hamburger Steak looks super good.

jalna said...

Isn't she super nice Dean! I had to park on the street in a space that was not too near, and had ordered so much food that I was thinking I would need to make two trips. She helped me carry even though at first I declined her offer, not wanting to inconvenience her.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, her helping you...fantastic customer service!! It all looks good...do you mean BBQ smokey?

Leslie's pics said...

Hey I heard someone bought a plate and she doesn't even like to eat meat that much....whodahell would do that?? :)

jalna said...

Betty, more woodsy smokey.

I looooved the spam and the chicken, Les.