Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Local Japanese Slang Words

My friend Harri sent me this in an email.  Thanks Harri!

Some of these words are actual Japanese words – but kinda slang in the way we use(d) them.  

benjo = bathroom or toilet.  “I come back, I going benjo“.

bocha = bath or bathe.  “I going bocha now!”

Habuteru or habut = pouty or grumpy. “Eh, how come your kid stay so quiet?  She usually talk, talk, talk”. “She stay all habuts because I told her we not going Castle Park after”.

Bobora – This is a tricky one.  We grew up calling the Japanese tourist boboras – back in the day when they had daikon legs (yet another one!) and wore slippers with the big plastic flower on them.  But our parents referred to pumpkin as bobora.  But go to Japan and ask for bobora and I don’t know what you’ll get – besides a funny look.

Skosh = Little bit.  “I’ll just have a skosh“.  Now, this word is derived from the actual Japanese word “sukoshi” which means little bit – usually as in measurement.  The weird part is that this slang has been picked up by the English language.  It’s even in the Webster dictionary meaning a small amount.

Kukai = doo-doo.  “Aww man!  I went step in dog kukai“.

Butsu-butsu = a small sore.  “I got a butsu-butsu on my leg”.

Kakio = many sores. “Poor thing, she get all kakio leg”.

Shibiri = pins and needles such as when your leg falls asleep.  “Aiya, I get shibiri leg”.

Totan = corrugated metal. “That house get totan roof – noisy when it rains!”.

Kamaboko House = Quonset hut.  “Wow, check out that kamaboko house“.

Hanabata = wet, slimy boogers.  “Eh, your hanabata is about to drip”.

Hanakuso = dried, hard boogers.  “Stop flicking your hanakuso!”.

Hold chochin = When someone tags along with a couple who are on a date.  “So what, you going hold chochin for them?”  Chochin is a lantern.  Way back in the day, a person would walk behind someone holding up a lantern on a long pole over the person’s head to give them light.

Buddhahead and Kotonk = Interesting story about these 2 slang words.  We refer to a kotonk as a Japanese person born on the mainland.  However, when I was looking up the origin of Buddhahead, found out that the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was made up of Japanese Americans (JA’s) from both the mainland and Hawaii.  Well, the Hawaii JA’s called the mainland ones Katonks.  So the mainland JA’s called the Hawaii ones Buddhaheads.  The word Buddhahead may have started out at “butahead” (pig-head) but somehow evolved into Buddhahead.  This, being the Nisei generation.

I think our generation considers a Buddhahead as an old-fashioned Japanese man who expects the wife to wait on him hand and foot.  The Buddhahead will sit at the table and wait for all the food to be served to him.  When he wants more rice, he’ll just tap his chawan with his hashi to let his wife know that he wants more rice.  The same goes for wanting more tea.  And when he’s done, he’ll just get up and walk away from the table – while the wife cleans up after him.  Other similar names for this kine of person is “Samurai” or “Shogun”.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ono Pickles

If you like Kosher Dill pickles you should try these TrΓΌ Pickles. 


Our story is this: Geri bought a jar. She liked them and went back to buy more to give away for Christmas. She gave Didi a jar. Didi brought some to share on Mother's Day. Wendell liked them and went and bought a jar. This past weekend Didi bought another jar.

From where, you ask?

Apparently somebody at Ace Hardware thinks they're good too. Looks like the pickles are available at all of the Ace stores nationwide. IMG_6701

You can find out more about the pickles here

Monday, May 22, 2017

Watchband Pins

Some of the watches that I get at the swap meet are missing their bands and/or pins. I got these watchband spring bar pins from Amazon . . . 360 pins for less than $8 . . . 8 mm to 25 mm, all neatly compartmentalized in a cute container. 

I opened up the container for the first time a couple week ago and then I dropped it. Can you imagine? 

I put the spilled pins back any-kine-way, closed up the container and just left it like that . . . didn't wanna deal with it.

A few days ago, I went back and fixed it up as best I could. It's all good (enough) now. 

So . . . if you ever need a watchband pin, you know who to ask.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Latest in Coffee Art

Thanks for sharing, Steven!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Under-the-Weather Kona

Kona had surgery to remove a growth on his butt on Thursday. I was worried because he had to be put under, but he took the anesthesia well and came out of it okay.

His appetite is still poor. But main thing . . . he did eat his antibiotic and pain killer that I hid in pieces of Costco chicken. 

Hopefully, he'll be good as new soon. 


Friday, May 19, 2017

Weak Me

Yesterday I brought this kale salad with me to work for lunch. 

At lunchtime, I went into CQ's office and asked to borrow her microwavable bowl. 

I gave her the salad. 

And made myself a ramen instead.

A Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu Ramen to be exact. Marukai had it on sale for $1.47 the other week. You can also get it at Costco.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I have an extra copy of Avatar. Anybody want it? First person to email me at can have it. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Untidy Me

Here's my messy hobby, craft desk. I wish I was neater, but I'm just not.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mr. Donut's & Bakery

This has got to be the softest, most melt in da mouth donut I've ever eaten . . . even more so than Krispy Kreme! I had to force myself to not eat the whole thing. Thanks for the tip, Myko!


Me and Wendell were in Chinatown looking for fish this past Saturday, and Wendell said that since we were kinda in the area, he wanted to go looking for Mr. Donut's. I had mentioned to him earlier that Myko had recommended it and he was curious.

It's on Hotel across from Long's and Ross.

Everything looked good, but we settled for just a few plain glazed donuts. 





Monday, May 15, 2017

Wendell's Lemon-Caper Black Cod

I normally don't really care for fish, but this was really, really yummy.  Wendell saw the recipe in a magazine in a doctor's office.


He took a picture of the recipe. Cool yah . . . can take picture nowadays. No need "borrow" the magazine anymore.