Sunday, June 30, 2019

Swap Meet

I haven't been going to the swap meet too much lately because it's just too dang hot. But after I weighed myself this morning I decided that I needed to go walking, so at the last minute I just brushed my teeth and off I went. 

Here are my deals.

Painting stuff ("$2 for da whole ting")

Chalk markers ($1 total)

Chiller bags (Vera Bradley on the right) (50 cents each)

Ribbon (50 cents)

Ceramcoat acrylic paint ($2 for the bag)

Painter's tape (2/$7)

Tofu press ($2). I was thinking that I can use it to press handmade paper. Or for book binding. Or even for tofu. 

These packs of paper were free from the tofu press guy.

Tankichi hooks for Landon ($1 each). There were 33 hooks. I texted Lan and he wanted all.

I bought 2 pounds of just-picked-on-Friday Hilo lychee for my sister Geri who loves lychee.


K and S said...

nice finds!

Susan said...

Oh my! Good deals!

Mark Shelby said...

Very KEWL!I love your Swap Meet shopping Jalna! I'm all about bargains! I'm so cheap, I'm also part Chinese! Wheeee!

By the way....

Painting Stuff is pronounced "Painting STUFFS"... ; )

Because it stay moa den one Ting! ...; )

Kalin's Mommy said...

Good deals! Never saw a tofu press before.

Unknown said...

SCORE !!! hummm....thats for ... painting ?? Would not have known.....

Anonymous said...

Good deals!


jalna said...

Kat, thanks!

Susan, yup.

Mark, and to be more pidgin I should say "stuffez". LOL.

Mich, first time for me too.

Unknown, they're for painting the house and not artwork.

Izsmom, totally!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Big SCORE! Congrats, and you made 2 people in your family very happy!

Mark Shelby said...

We can't lose da Pidgin!

Dat's what we all grew up Wit....!

Dat's Hawaiian Kine! ... ; )

jalna said...

Thanks Aunty.

Mark, LOL.

Leslie's pics said...

looks like you scored some good stuff!