Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Vitamix Warranty

Five years ago we bought a Vitamix from Costco. It was around $300. Expensive. But Wendell, Landon and I chipped in $100 each and considered it a Christmas present to each other. 

Lately, Wendell had been having Shaklee's shakes for dinner and so was using the Vitamix almost daily. A few weeks ago it stopped working.

When I checked online I found that it came with a 7-year warranty. I couldn't remember if I even filled out a registration card when we bought the machine, and I wasn't sure if that mattered, but I filled out a Contact Form that I found on the "Contact Us" page on the Vitamix website. I gave the serial number and left Wendell's phone number and email address and checked "email" as communication of choice. 

I didn't hold my breath. I totally doubted a positive outcome.

Vitamix emailed Wendell back almost immediately. After several email exchanges where Wendell was asked to perform a few tests, they sent a shipping label and asked that the broken blender be sent back to them for repair via UPS (free of charge). 

We got the blender back yesterday. The pitcher portion which includes the blade assembly looks brand new.  IMG_1543

Here are the repair notes.

The blender worked okay last night. But to be honest, it didn't really work "good as new" . . . something wasn't quite right. It seemed to struggle. 

So am crossing my fingers.


K and S said...

glad they fixed it, hope it will be okay

Anonymous said...

j: aww too bad - a $300 blender shouldn't just give up after 5 years, a cheap one but not this one. Glad that they fixed it though a new one would have been better. I was having a prob with my Britta pitcher and asked about how to deal with it and they were so prompt in replying. My Britta was too old and the warranty expired after 2 years but they gave me two $10 off products! I'll just buy a new one for half price since the Britta is all junk -N

Kay said...

I have a Vitamix too and they contacted me to say that there was a class action suit that I qualified for. Something about rubber coming off or something. They asked what I would like to have replaced... the blades or... I forget. Anyway, I'd get periodic updates and finally, they said they would be sending a replacement blade. They sent me a link. I went to the site and turned in the Serial number, etc. only to get a replay that the blender I have doesn't qualify. What?!? After all this time, it doesn't qualify? Arrgghhh.... However, it's actually working OK although I haven't used it in a while.

Mark Shelby said...

Well that's awesome customer service! Dat's DA way I always did for our Marsh Company Customers!

Always make the customer WIN!

I just bought a new cell phone on eBay. Turns out it's an obsolete 3G phone that will be Toast on Jan. 1st 2020, per Verizon.

I sent in a return request. Then the Punk Seller said he will deduct $5 bucks from my refund for the return fee. ......WHAT>?!!!!

I emailed Pay Pal and filed a Complaint!

Then I called my credit card Visa company to block the payment until this is resolved.

Nobody messes wit da Original Haole Boy! ..... ; )

Dd said...

ummm...what is"Shaklees??"

Susan said...

Good to know. I hope mine doesn't conk out though. : (

jalna said...

Kat, yah, at least they tried to fix it.

N, I was hoping for a replacement, but I guess that would've been too much to ask for.

Kay, they sent you a link that said you didn't qualify? Wow.

Mark, "original haole boy" . . . funny.,

Unknown, it's a company that distributes nutrition, beauty and household products.

Susan, Wendell is already looking into getting another brand blender.

Leslie's pics said...

good thing you filled out the registration card!