Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Musubi Book by Manabu Asaoka

I can't believe that it was 10 years ago that I first wrote about Mana Bu's Musubi. You can check out that post here

Founder Manabu Asaoka has now written a book entitled The Musubi Book. He emailed me a few days ago to tell me that he had a free copy for me!  Score!

He had previously asked me for permission to use some of my photos, and this was his way of thanking me. So nice!!

Manabu will be at Barnes and Noble in Ala Moana Mall tomorrow from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. If you're free please go and lend some support. He'll be giving away a konbu/wakame/sekihan musubi to anyone who purchases a book. The book is $16.95 and is chock full of helpful tips on making ono musubi. 

Here are some of the topics (from the Table of Contents):

About Rice
Two Categories of Rice
What Makes Tasty Rice?
Things to Know Before Cooking Rice
Types of Rice Cookers
Water is Important
How to Make the Best Rice for Musubi

I made some musubi today for Landon to take on a fishing outing. One very important thing that I've already learned from the book is this . . .  when using the musubi mold, don't use the top portion to smash down the rice. DON'T SMASH THE RICE DOWN. The rice needs to breathe. And OMG such a small thing, but it made such a big difference! 

Here's me and Manabu. Thank you Sweetie for taking the photo!

Manabu, good luck to you and Fumiyo!! Thank you for the book and rice paddle! 


K and S said...

aw so nice!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Awesome blog! You make friends all over!

Kay said...

Congratulations to Manabu! And to you too! I wish him great success! That books sounds like a true winner.

Anonymous said...

I gotta go buy the book. My whole family love Musubis!


Chet Colson said...

Awesome... check out the post from '08. I didn't know it existed will check it out. Love how the musubi's are package in Japan.
LOL....I always destroy it opening it up.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Were you there yesterday? I buzzed around the block because I saw that a table was set out when I passed the place and figured they had plenty musubi left at 11:00. However, by the time I circled back, only had 5 baked salmon musubis for sale. My favorites are the ume and tuna/mayo.

Score on the book! I make mine by hand so I squish all around to make triangles. Not sure if I can make it to Barnes and Nobles today for the book signing but will try. Free musubi? I'm in for that!

Great review 10 years ago. Sad that they don't have all the selections anymore. Your pictures are ono!

Akiko said...

Hmm, so you mean you just use the bottom part of the mold to shape it in a triangle, and form the rest by hand?
Is it less compact?
I'll look for this book; love his musubis!

jalna said...

Kat, I feel such an attachment to this sweet couple.

Thanks Mich!

Kay, Manabu and his wife are such hard workers who give 110% in all that they do.

Izsmom, thanki you so much for your support!

Chet, they usually sell out by lunchtime, so try go early!

Aunty, I was there at around 10:00ish. I was able to get three of my favorite tuna/mayo!

Akiko, the musubi is less smooshed and more grainy made this way. I swear it's more ono too. LOL!! The video on today's post shows Manabu in action.

Susan said...

Oh wow! You’re special! We love the musubi in Japan, especially when they are just delivered to the store, but I should just make it myself because the ones sold here are not as good.

Mark Shelby said...

So KEWL Jalna! How FUN! Thanks for Sharing!

jalna said...

Susan, Manabu's musubi store does so well it usually sells out by lunchtime.

Welcome, Mark.

Leslie's pics said...

so so so so cute!!!