Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mana Bu's - For the Best Musubi Ever

Mana Bu's is located on King Street just past Punahou Street on the left by Baskins and Robins.
Here are the hard-working owners, Fumiyo Asaoka and Manabu Asaoka from Shizuoka, Japan. They start the day every morning at 3 a.m. It takes them 8 hours to prepare the delicious healthy foods for us to enjoy.

They also have steamed muffins, teriyaki grilled corn, and fresh fruit mochi. They have a custard flan too that is really good. Here's a sampling of what I've tried so far. This is the Yaki Musubi made with miso. It took me awhile to get used to the crusty outside, but it was veeeery tasty. I was pleasantly surprised to find bits of salmon throughout the musubi.
Here is the brown rice with konbu and the Sekihan, very, very good. Would you believe this plain-looking one is my favorite. It's a tuna/mayo musubi. I looove this tofu/broccoli dish. It has a sesame/wasabi/miso kind of sauce.
This is an Okinawan sweet potato with mac nut salad. Ono!! Kabocha pumpkin and last but not least, the teriyaki grilled corn. Hooo hooo, da best!!


Erick said...

I need to check this place out, grilled musubi is one of my favorites.

Pomai said...

Beautiful photos! Much, much, much better than the ones I took for my review on Manabu's.

Looks like you got there at a good time, when everything was in stock!

I only could get there in the afternoon on my way home from work, but was still able to grab some oishii musubi selections. My favorite so far is the 10-grain Hijiki. Sugoi!