Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I put exclamation marks in the title because Wagaya deserves exclamation marks!!!

My sister Geri took off today for her birthday, and we celebrated by having lunch there. It was such a good choice. Everything was so ono!


This is the Chili Cucumber ($4.25). It was so, so ono, but I wish had more pieces to the order.

This is the Potato Mochi ($4.75). I don't think it has any mochi in it at all, but is just made to look like mochi. Boy, was it goooooood.

This is my Vegetarian Ramen ($11.95). I was too full from the appetizers to finish my bowl . . . but I tried to. I loved the shiru (soup). 

Here's Geri's Garlic Tsukemen ($13.50).  She was full fast too and ate less than half. She took the leftovers home. So lucky. She'll get to eat it twice that way!  Happy Birthday, Geri!








Susan said...

Oh wow, I want to eat there!

Anonymous said...

j: I'm always looking for a good not too pricey place fo' eat on my town days. I usually go one place until I get sick of it (my former Menchako and Gen obsessions). Thanks for this place I going try soon. (I tried Sakura Tei on King St. but they were closing and took reservations only. Their Mililani is still open) -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

YeeeYummmmm! I went there because MaybeItsJenny wrote about it and was ono! We forgot to get the tofu that is supposedly light as air.

This used to be the site of Misuzu - our family's all time favorite hole in the wall with great cheap food.

Now I have to go back since you made everything look so ono!

K and S said...

yummy! happy birthday Geri ⁽⁽٩(๑˃̶͈̀ ᗨ ˂̶͈́)۶⁾⁾

Erick said...

Wow, I have to go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh!!! Looks so onolicious! I better get on over there with my family.


jalna said...

LOL, Susan . . . maybe someday . . .

N, didn't know there was a Sakura in Mililani.

Aunty, I've been wanting to go ever since MaybeItsJenny wrote about it.

Kat, was so yummy!!!

Erick, FYI at 12:00 the small parking lot was full.

Izsmom, hope you get to go soon!

jenny said...

hands down one of my favorite ramen shops in hawaii, if not the best!! So glad you enjoyed! Happy birthday Geri!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Geri! We've recently discovered this restaurant and love their ramen! Their broth is sooo good. I like that you can choose the type of noodle you want (thin, soft, firm, etc.) and a broth with less sodium. Their karaage chicken is also good. After eating here, other ramen restaurants pales in comparison. We found there's a shorter wait if we go before 11:45 for lunch and after 7:15 for dinner.

Chet Colson said...

Glad you had a wonderful lunch celebrating your sister's birthday. Menu looks good.

jalna said...

Jenny, I finally got to see why you liked it so much!

E, thanks for the tips!

Chet, hope you get to try someday!

Leslie's pics said...

I got Noreen and Ernest to go too. They like it also :)

jalna said...

Les, I totally see how it's your favorite!!