Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dream (Fairy) - 11/17/1987

I'm Up-Puunui (grandparent's house). I'm a fairy and someone's trying to catch me.



alibaba37 said...

Love it!!

jenny said...

Loving these drawings and watercolors...keep it going!

Susan said...

Cool yard ! Another fun dream, lol!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I like your fairyness!

K and S said...

wow! love the picture

Anonymous said...

Wendell trying to catch you, his fairy princess? Nice pic! You are so talented!


Leslie's pics said...

so cute!!

jalna said...

LOL, thanks, Alibaba.

Thanks Jenny!

How weird dream yah, Susan.

Why thank you, Aunty!

Thanks, Kat.

Izsmom, I think I was trying hard to stay away from the person! Hahahaha!

LOL, Les.

Leslie's pics said...

wait. 1987?!?! Holy cow!