Sunday, April 17, 2016


Swap-meet shopping was especially fun yesterday because Honolulu Aunty and Kay joined us. Honolulu Aunty ended up with her arms overloaded with treasures. You can check out her finds on her post here. Kay purchased a strap for her Hydroflask and I think her husband Art might've bought some tools. 

Here is my best buy of the day . . . totally cool sunglasses for my nephew Colin. It was $3. 


How funky is that?

You can lift up lenses if total ultraviolet protection is not necessary.

Cool, hah?!

If you don't need sunglass protection at all you can open up layers even more. 


Colin wasn't home when I dropped off the glasses, but he Facetimed me later to show me how it looked on him. Love it!!

I also found this mask for Colin.  I think it was 50 cents.  So cute.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow that's so awesome meeting up with everyone! Makes me want to go the swap meet too! Cool finds for Colin!

Cloudia said...

Tree Dala!? Wow!

Kay said...

Art and I had such a great time, Jalna! I haven't gotten around to writing a post yet. Too tired yesterday after long day. But what a whole LOT of fun! We are very pleased with our buys. We may not have bought a LOT but what we bought was golden. Can't wait to try the Waimanalo eggs and that cooler bag is awesome. Will be trying Didi's salt seasoning too. Fabulous you and your terrific sisters are the BEST!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Thanks for such a great swap meet day! Your lucky nephew scored!

Too bad us adults don't have glasses like that - we can change our lenses from distance sharpening to reading mode, to sunglasses and look wonderfully bizarre in the process.

Mark Shelby said...

With those glasses he can't help but grow up to become "inspector gadget"...! ; )

jalna said...

It was fun, Mich.

For real, Cloudia!! LOL!

It was so nice to finally meet the two of you, Kay!! Glad you had fun!

It was really good fun, Aunty! You're right. flip up lenses would be better than lowering my glasses to the tip of my nose.

Funny, Mark!

mmiissee said...

Awww he's so adorable Jalna.

DNakamaru said...

Super slick!

jalna said...

You should hear him talk, Mmiissee. So cute!

Like Inspector Gadget yah, Dean!

Leslie's pics said...

so so so funny!

jalna said...

I know, Les!! I was cracking up at the swap meet opening it all up.