Sunday, February 8, 2015

Midori App

I don't have many apps on my iPhone/iPad.  I guess it's because I just like to keep things simple.  But in preparation for my Japan trip, I did just get this Midori app. It was $9.99.  I put it on both my iPhone and my iPad.

I'm hoping that it'll help me recognize words while I'm in Japan, so that next time when I buy a bottle of something, I'll know that it's miso and not just some kind of ono-looking paste. And also maybe it'll help prevent me from ordering chicken skin when I really mean to order yakitori. (Leslie . . . I confess . . . I know I acted like I meant to order that chicken skin at that kushiyaki restaurant at Ameyoko, but I was actually just as surprised as you when the skin came.)


There are a lot of cool features to this app.  You can check them out here.  This handwriting feature was what I was looking for most when researching different apps. Soon after purchasing this Midori app, I tested it out and I was happily surprised to see that it recognized even my chicken-scratch writing.

After writing your word, you're given several kanji to choose from. After you choose the correct one, you click on "translate" and it'll translate the word for you.

I had written the above "kombu" with my fingertip.  I tried out these styluses that I have, but they weren't precise enough to draw smooth, unbroken lines, and it ended up that my finger worked the best of all. The Nintendo DS stylus on the right didn't even work at all.  

Right now, I have several styluses in my cart on Amazon. Not sure which one to pick. Any suggestions?


Kay said...

This is really a great app. Someday, when mom no longer takes trips with us to Japan, it will be great to have an app like that.

jenny said...

Hey Jalna! Great find! Don't hate me for suggesting another one...but it's free so it's worth a try! There was an app that could recognize words with the camera on the phone and translate it for you immediately. Google bought out the company so it's now part of google translate on the iphone! It's pretty cool! And for someone lazy like me...great cause I don't have to

K and S said...

wow expensive app! Hope it works for you:)

jalna said...

It's great that your mom can translate for you, Kay!

Thanks Jenny. I had read that those camera ones were finicky but if it's free I don't mind trying it out.

Been practicing, Kat.

Nippon Nin said...

I wish I invented this app...make lots of money and able to go to Japan as many times as I want.

jalna said...

Ohhh, what a dream, Akemi!

Les said...

hahahah so freakin hilarious!

jalna said...

"Yah, I meant to do that, Les."