Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lucky Belly

Me and Wendell went to Lucky Belly this past Saturday.  When Wendell told me that the place was in Chinatown, I thought that we were gonna be eating in a Chinese restaurant kind of setting.


I was shocked when we walked inside. It was totally not what I was expecting . . . so not Chinese restaurantish. It was crowded and they only had room for us at the bar.  We had parked at a far-away meter which allowed coins for one hour max, and after seeing how busy they were, I was worried that we might not make it back to the car in time. But . . . I was curious.

The menu selection seemed kinda small to me . . . but there were quite a few items that did catch my attention.  In the end, it was a toss between the BLT Salad and the Lucky Bowl.

Guess what I ordered.

Wendell's diet Coke came with free refills.

And so did my Plantation Iced Tea.

This is the Pork Belly Bao ($9)

OMGAWD was so ono!!

This is Wendell's Kochujang Brisket Tartine ($14)

The bread looked hard to me . . . but it wasn't.  It was just right.

Here's my Lucky Bowl ($9).  I'm glad I ordered it. It was very good.

Service was excellent and fast . . . and we made it back to the car in time.


Dd said...

Hot Hot place since thy opened......the owners used to be involved with Formaggios...they are supposed to be opening another place called Livestock Tavern, not sure if its open already

Kalin's Mommy said...

OOHHHHHHH! Looks so good!

Lorna said...

Oh, wow, that all looks and sounds so yummers (except for the lamb -- yuck, can't eat lamb or veal -- the only "baby animals" I eat are eggs).

DNakamaru said...

everything looks so GOOD!

Honolulu Aunty said...

One of my favorite eating places, though I hardly get to go.
The edamame/shrimp gyozas are the numba one item for me - only 5 pieces but each bite is so delicious, makes you wanna go Yeeee Hawww! (remember the Costco lady?)
Their salads are really good, and unreal cheap, imo.
The pork bowl is also delish. Glad the sandwich was good - I had the chicken one once and was not impressed but maybe it was a bad sandwich day for me.
Parking can be tough, but there is a cheap public parking garage, entry on King Street immediately after the church on Maunakea/King, small dinky sign with an almost invisible downward sloping driveway. That way, next time you can take your time and walk around Chinatown for great pics.
For ono Chinese food, try Little Village just up the street on Smith - they have a little tiny parking lot on the mauka side of the building.
Now I am hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

j: how totally cool, reading the descriptions didn't sound so appetizing but then looking at the food, oh wow! Wendell is adventurous, how'd he find it.Again, thanx for taking us along withcha. -N

jenny said...

Nice! Those pictures are so nice! I think I need to invest in a

Get plenty of these new kine restaurants in Chinatown, plenty eats! Glad you enjoyed! I enjoyed it the time I went too!

mmiissee said...

oh man, the Bao looks sooo good.

K and S said...

been wanting to try this place, hope to this summer:)

Les said...

Belly bowl is winnahs!! I like it there...I took my mom and dad there about a year ago and they liked it too :)

Susan said...

Lol, when I go to a non ramen place and they have ramen on the menu I usually order it too!

jalna said...

"Livestock Tavern"? Funny-kine names they pick, Didi.

I thought of you, Mich.

You just like me, Lorna.

You would enjoy, Dean.

Aunty, the people right next to us ordered the gyoza. They were huge! Thanks for the info on the parking and Little Village. Gonna check it out.

N, Wendell used to go there with his work crew. They would go all kine places.

Jenny, I make good use of my camera. You should see it . . . all bust up looking.

Mmiissee, it was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!

K, Les. Gonna try Belly Bowl next time.

Kinda waste yah, Susan. BUT I'm glad I ordered it!

Taryn M said...

So good there! Their lucky bowl is the best. Next time you venture to Chinatown, check out his other restaurant, Livestock Tavern. It's right across the street from Lucky Belly. Ono there as well :)

jalna said...

Thanks Taryn! I wanna try already.

Mark Shelby said...

Awesome! I want to start a fun restaurant and charge people outlandish prices and retire young! ; )

Posted all in fun.....hehe

No but seriously. I always thought it would be so fun to own a very popular restaurant. And listen to all of the happy and full belly customers! And have fun every day at work!

Looks like a very nice place Jalna! And I have walked all of those streets since I was a little boy from the 1950's. So I can surly appreciate the renewing of the old buildings into awesome places!

Good find!

If I remember right.....I used to get a cheap hair cut on that street by a Chinese barber! ; )

jalna said...

I love your memories, Mark.

Mark Shelby said...

Thanks Jalna! I just Love all of your stories!

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna, I never mentioned this on your blog. After Wigwam sold out in the mid 1970's my Father started an Import Export business in downtown Honolulu. It was in a very very old building on Fort Street Mall. It was about 1975, and I came home from college that summer and helped my Father refurbish that office space. I painting, fixed plumbing, electrical and all kinds of things. I love being in this old Historic area of Honolulu! It's a very special place! Then by 1978, my Father bought Wigwam Quality Furniture from our long time friend Bill Stone. And we changed the name to "The Marsh Company Home Furnishings". Mar.....stood for Marvin and Mark, SH....stood for Shelby, our family name. In my opinion, my Father was one of the most brilliant businessmen Hawaii has ever seen. There is a write up about Dad in the local paper from back in the late 1980's. And Dad framed it and hung it on his office wall at home. I was always so proud of my Father, Marvin Shelby.

jalna said...

Totally amazing man, your dad, Mark. I would be so proud too!

Nippon Nin said...

This restaurant reminds me of Momofuku restaurant. Everything looks so delicious!

jalna said...

I just googled "Momofuku" Akemi. All I can say is "WHOA!!"

Kay said...

Good grief! Your photos make everything look so delicious!!! I am in awe!

jalna said...

Thanks, Kay!!