Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wendell's Retirement Luncheon

Wendell's working place held a retirement luncheon for him a few days ago at the Five Star International Buffet.  It was nice getting together with some of Wendell's coworkers.  Thanks for inviting me and Landon, Ross!!








The food was yummy, but I hardly took any pictures of um. You can check out food photos here from the last time me and Wendell went there.


Nippon Nin said...

Tall and handsome. Lots of people must like him.

I went to your old post to see the foods (again). I would love to go to this restaurant, so good!

K and S said...

happy retirement!

Anonymous said...

How totally cool and thanks for sharing with us, J. Congrats to Wendell too! How many years did he put in? Good looking tall buggah, no? and can cook, too. wow!

Thanks for the char siu info from Nijiya as I bought 'em and that buggah is soooooo ono. It adds just this robust, meaty flavor to my tonkotsu saimin. Moe bettah than the red char siu.

Also searched CL for eggs and saw an ad from Wally's Farm in Hawaii Kai this Sat. for eggs. I tried calling to see if it was free range but I only got a machine. Anyway, 411 for you -Aloha, N
Farm Fresh Eggs and Produce (Hawaii Kai)

495 Pakala St.
(google map) (yahoo map)


This Saturday 8am-12pm, we will be selling farm fresh, free range eggs ($7/dozen) and produce from our all natural, no spray farm. We are located right behind Kaiser High School next door to Otsuji Farm.

Please bring your own reusable egg cartons and shopping bags if you have any as we run out of cartons.

Call 395-1223, to inquire or make an appointment to come by on other days.

Wally's Farm
495 Pakala St.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on wendall so retirement...can't wait to see what he cooks up !

Anonymous said...

uh duh the ad does say it is FREE CHANGE eggs. I just skimmed it. -N

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi. I think you would like the restaurant. Lots of variety.

Thanks Kat!

N, he worked for the City for 24 years. Thanks for the info on Wally's Farm. I wanna try and go this Saturday, but I no more egg carton containers.

jalna said...

Anon, he made salmon patties for dinner tonight! Sooo ono!

Susan said...

Congrats to the hubby! Now you have a full time chef. My coworker's hubby retired recently and he fixes my friends lunch every day. I am so jealous! Me too, can't wait to see what he cooks as a

Anonymous said...

J: great info on the buffet, I now know where to take mom for dinner cuz it's Japanese style food she likes but unlike most Japanese restaurants whose portions are too small for me, this one I can get full!

As for da eggs, just wrap up in paper towels you can re-use latahz or old towels or t-shirts. Best Wishes -N

jalna said...

So nice your coworker's husband, Susan!

Hmmm, N . . . maybe I'll use your towel suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your husband on his retirement, I can't wait to see what delicious dishes he creates next.

Since some of your readers expressed interest in going to Five Star Buffett, I regret to tell everyone that Five Star closed very abruptly. Last day of business was April 30 so that was a close call for your husband's luncheon.

jalna said...

OMG, Anon, I just told Wendell. He's so disappointed. But good thing he at least got to eat there one last time.

Erick said...

I missed this somehow. Happy retirement Wendell!!! I Jellos.

mmiissee said...

Did Wendell work at the City? I recognize a lady in the picture (Karen) that works for the city. Happy retirement to Wendell. Now he can wake up late. My dad has been retired for years now, but still wake up 2-3 in the morning just to buy coffee and newspaper.

jalna said...

He did work for the City, Mmiissee! And he worked closely with Karen! Your dad wakes up so early! Wendell goes to bed late and wakes up late now.