Thursday, May 22, 2014

From Keeaumoku Market

I went to Keeaumoku Super Market after work yesterday.  I checked out the soybeans.  Was so expensive.  They were at least $2 or $3 a bag, and the bags were so small I'd probably need a bunch of um to make tofu.  The soy milk was expensive too . . . around $6.  So using either method . . . from scratch or using soy milk . . . even if my tofu came out super ono, it just wouldn't be worth it.

The Japanese cucumbers, on the other hand, were cheap. They were 39 cents a pound.  This bunch cost me 98 cents! I'm thinking maybe should go back and get some more.

I'm gonna make cucumber kim chee. If you want my "recipe" you can find it here.

This was also cheap.  One bag for 79 cents!

Somehow my photo makes the chestnut look bigger than it actually is.  But still, it's good.

I bought Rainier cherries too.  $5.99/pound.  My prepackaged bag cost me $11.08.  They're sweet and crisp . . . just how I like um.  


Anonymous said...

J: thanks for the 411, I'll be in town in the area next week and hopefully can check 'em out. Where is the parking, I know where the bldg. is on the corner. Mahalo! -N

Les said...

I gotta start eating cherries. I read somewhere that it's a good diet food:

With cherries, you can't just pop 30 in your mouth in two mins like you could, and probably often do, with grapes or blueberries. Instead, the pits force you to eat them slowly, allowing your satiation sensors to chime in a prevent you from over-indulging.

So that's reason #1 – built in portion control.

Reason #2, and it's a BIG one, is that cherries have the LOWEST glycemic index of all fruits, and one of the lowest glycemic indexes of any carbohydrate source—period.

Scoring at a ridiciulously low 22, you can even snack on cherries in the evening without much detriment as their effect on insulin is minimal at best. Again, it's not late-night eating that's the problem, it's eating the wrong foods (those that cause a substantial rise in fat-loss halting insulin) in evening hours that is.

So next time you're in the mood for a sweet, satiating snack, reach for a small bowl of cherries and enjoy the goodness.

Nippon Nin said...

Love cucumber! Especially one with small seeds. And that price is right!
What? The market have cherries already?
I found Puff Paratha bread at Asian market in the freezer section. I toast those and drizzle honey good!

jalna said...

N, the market is on Keeaumoku across the street from HMSA and McDonalds. It's recessed in from the street and there's a small parking lot in front of it.

Hoooo, that makes um sound good, Les. Good thing I went back and got some more. Except the two bags cost me more than 20 bucks!

Ooooh, that sounds so good, Akemi!

Erick said...

I love KM, they have great prepared bentos and authentic Korean seasons are cheap.

jalna said...

And so close to your woking place yah, Erick!

Randism said...

hmmmm. i've never been there; i should check it out, esp for the cucumbers which i LUB!

jalna said...

I actually went back again for more cucumber, Rand. But guess what happened. My kimchee came out too salty. Baaahhh. I soaking um in water now to try to cut the salt.

1DecentApple said...

I love that Kewpie dressing! IT'S THE BEST. When Don Quijote has it on sale, I buy about 5 bottles at a time. Gotta figure out how to make it. Ask your husband to try and duplicate it and give us the recipe. HAHA!