Monday, May 5, 2014

Wally's Farm

I went to Wally's Farm this past Saturday to pick up some farm-fresh eggs!  Thanks for the scoops, N!!


They're located at 495 Pakala Street in the back of Kaiser High School.

A cute stand was set up in front of the farm.


I bought 2 dozen eggs ($7 a dozen) and a bottle of this raw honey ($6).

I was even given a tour of the farm.  Nice, yah!


Cute, little piglets!!  I hope these don't end up you-know-how.

Everybody was so friendly.

Here are the keiki plants.

A beekeeper comes and tends these hives.


Sugar cane




Tilapia are raised in here.

Duckweed.  While we were here a HUGE wasp came hovering over the water . . . and I'm talking HUNGER GAMES Tracker Jacker dangerous-looking wasp.  I wen dig outta there so fast.

Hydroponic plants

Here are my eggs.  I even had a couple of blue ones!

So fresh.

I made a bacon and cheese omelet for Aunty.  She scarfed it.


Les said...

Wow, they got plenty stuff! I thought you were only gonna see eggs! Pretty cool...

jalna said...

Les, I was so impressed about how they could grow stuff, especially when I struggle with just my lemon plants.

Anonymous said...

J: cool glad my info helped. But the big test is how does the eggs taste? Better than the store ones?

Thanks too for sharing the farm, I like go too but stay too far for me. It is a cute farm not huge like the ones out this way that are like acres. Do you know they have talapia and duckweed?

You make nice omelettes, mines is all bust up compared to yours.

Thanks for the advice on cameras, I took your advice to heart when I walk my dog and sure enuf photo opps came up. I just have to remember to bring it with me all the time. Knowing that I my pixs won't be all great like taking Ansel Adams pixs makes me just relax and enjoy what I take. God Bless - N

jalna said...

N, I can't really tell the difference in taste. But I know at least they're more nutritious.

Erick said...

So cool, close too. That egg yolk looks so fresh. What an amazing place.

jalna said...

I know what you mean about that yolk, Erick. It looked so firm like I could hold it in my hands without breaking it.

K and S said...

super fresh eggs!

jalna said...

Super, Kat! I boiled a few of the eggs and the shell and membrane are so thick!

Nippon Nin said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed it very much. I would like to visit the farm. The eggs look fabulous...but it's a bit pricey for Oregon standard.

jalna said...

Cute farm yah, Akemi. The eggs are expensive by Hawaii standards too.

Mokihana said...

Loved the tour!! I'm lucky that I can get organic fresh eggs right over the hill from me. The chickens are cared for by a 11 year old boy, and he does a wonderful job with them. When I get the eggs they're all washed. And so fresh. $3.00/dozen. I love supporting him.

jalna said...

Moki, I went, "awwwww" when you mentioned 11-year-old boy. So sweet!

Kay said...

This is really neat and the eggs look great but $7.00 for a dozen is pretty steep, yah?

jalna said...

Yah, too expensive, Kay. I haven't gone back for eggs.