Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shopping at Keeaumoku Super Market

Me and my sisters went to Keeaumoku Super Market on Memorial Day.  I took my camera with me and did the "shoot from the hip", sneaky-kine picture taking like how I did five years ago in Safeway.  You can see the Safeway photos here if you like. 

While we were there this sign got removed.  Geri was charged 59 cents/pound for her cucumbers. IMG_4591

I looooove dukbokki, a Korean rice cake dish made with these.

Korean takuan.

I wondered about making tofu with the Black Sesame Soymilk.  But . . . naaaaahhh . . . I didn't wanna waste $6.00. 


They have choke ajitsuke-kine nori.


Zoweeee!! Imagine using that much pepper powder.

Need I say it?  I will.  "Ewwwwwwww."


Kim cheeeeeeeeee.



Kalbi - $8.50/pound.


Geri bought this.  It was expensive.  I think $8.99. And there were only 12 packs in the package.


I wonder if the Anchovy Sauce is similar to patis.


I'm thinking of going back and buying this.  It kinda looked like Hawaiian salt.  And $1.99 is cheap, right?

This was $6.99.  Kinda intriguing, yah?  It was a really fine powder.


I didn't notice it until just now . . . Ume Jelly!



Bohae Maewon . . . Ume extract drink?  Not sure.



Hhhhhhhhhhelllo.  Hhhhhhhow are you?





All pau.  That was fun, yah?


Lorna said...

Awwwwwww-some! We don't have much of those things here on Kauai, but since I don't know how to prepare foods with most of what you photographed, I reckon that's okay! If I have time when I go to Oahu in July, I'll check out that market!

Anonymous said...

you must have been there really early....I went Monday afternoon and that cucumber bin had only a handful left.
BTW, it thought it was only Palama Mkt that sold some questionable produce but I bought a watermelon there and when I cut it open at home, it was so overripe that it was almost fermented. yeeech!

Erick said...

My favorite Korean market. They have great prepared food too. The spicy squid is so ono!

1DecentApple said...

I was there on Fri to get 39 cents a pound cucumbers and bought a couple bags of those organic chestnuts you took pics of the other time you were there. Those were good. Were they still there when you went on Monday? There are some funky things at that store. Did you see the whole frozen chicken? I'm talking like the whole thing, head, neck, beak, eyeballs, body, feet, everything still attached. The only things missing were the feathers and a plastic bag that it should've been wrapped up in maybe?

Anonymous said...

J: your shoot from your hip is moe bettah than my actually aim and shoot! Thank you, thank you for this photo shoot. I go to the Japanese and Korean food stores and I am too overwhelmed by the foreign language that my brain actually shuts down cuz I gotta look at the pix, look for any English words and figure out what the item is or used for. Too much data to process! Yea, I know it's tea or coffee but what exactly is it. So I just end up scanning the items and leave, always empty handed unless I go to buy specific items. With your pixs I can leisurely scan and look at each item. I love going shopping and restaurant hopping with you! I can live vicariously thru you.

If you see another place that sells the ramen type char siu, please blog about it. Went to Nino. and they were actually all out. Also Egg and Things was open were I Love Country Cafe was at the same strip mall. I was gonna try it but there was a really short line but I needed to head home before rush hour so had to skip it. I think they were still hammering away in there.

I found out the entire ex-Sears side is sealed off. They're doing street work on Kona St. going Ewa so had to detour thru Norstrom's ground level. What a mess, I think one has to use Makai side to access that level.

Again a big mahalo for sharing, just am loving your blog!!-N

jalna said...

I hope you get to check it out, Lorna, especially since no more on Kauai. Even for me it's interesting to see the different variety of strange ingredients.

Vicki, we were there at around 10 am. My sister almost bought a watermelon! Good thing she neva.

Spicy squid, Erick? I'll check it out next time I'm there.

Al, still had planny chestnuts left on Monday. I bought 3 more bags . . . I can eat one whole bag one time. I didn't see the chicken . . . how strange that sounds. I going look next time.

Thanks for your kind words, N! I love sharing my experiences. Glad you're enjoying them. Thanks for your info on the construction at the shopping center. Will keep it in mind when I'm in the area. I share your rush-hour phobia too. If I can help it I try to head home before 4:00 on the weekdays.

Les said...

Ume jelly!?!?!?! Ume extract drink? Did it say ume on the bottle? I couldn't find it. I wonder what goat tastes like...

Kalin's Mommy said...

Holy Cow, seems like you stayed for hours...maybe das why the cucumber sign was taken away...SALE OVER ALREADY! Nah just kidding! Grandma folks went Saturday and saw the whole chicken and was wondering how come it wasn't wrapped and how unsanitary that was!

jalna said...

It didn't say on the bottle, Les. I looked up the name online. Seems to be medicinal . . . good for your health kine stuff.

We did stay long, Mich. But that's how we are. But I neva see the chicken. Can you imagine we were at Marukai for 3 hours once?! That's kinda nuts.

Mokihana said...

Oh my goodness. Great photos foa sneaky kine ones. I forget wat it's like to go someplace like Ke'eaumoku Market since I stay mainland. I think I woulda been there for hours and hours!!

jalna said...

Good fun look at all the different stuff there, Moki.

Susan said...

We have a small version of a store like that here. It's expensive! When we lived in Okinawa we had goat a lot. It tastes like beef but it has a distinct taste. It's not too bad. When they cook it another way called kilawin it has a smell because they put the skin straight to a flame torch to char it a little. Anyway, I haven't had goat in awhile...don't care for it now. Wow, the cheapest cucumbers here is at the flea market but not under a dollar.

jalna said...

Susan, I'm surprised that they eat goat in Okinawa. Interesting. I doubt I'd even try it . . . especially if it has a smell. I won't even touch it if it smells strange.

Susan said...

I got this from a website, I forgot which. I don't know about raw meat, especially goat meat.

Goat is also favored by Okinawans, though pork is far more common. What is interesting is that much of this goat meat is eaten raw, and there are restaurants that specialize in the preparation of raw goat meat.

jalna said...

OMGAWD, Susan! Raw!!