Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wendell's Peanut Butter Marinated Chicken Thighs

This was last night's dinner.  The recipe is from this month's edition of Costco Connection . . . and yee haw, I found an online edition so I no need type out the recipe.  You can find it here


The recipe actually calls for baking the chicken but at my request Wendell hibachi'd it instead.  He wanted a smokey flavor so he stuck some pieces of lychee wood into the coals. 

When it got real smokey he covered the grill. 

 I didn't realize that it was gonna be so smokey and I had to hurry up and take in my laundry that I had hanging.  



Les said...

wow now that he's retired you're gonna get a lot more dinners and experimental lucky!

jalna said...

Yah, Les! And now that I get home early I can take pictures while there's still some light.

1DecentApple said...

PERFECT! How did you know I just bought a family pack of chicken thighs and a jar of Skippy's last night?!? Gotta try this.

jenny said...

Ohhh looks amazing! I'm excited to see all these updates and recipes! Thanks Wendell and Jalna. :)

K and S said...

ditto what Leslie said :)

Anonymous said...

J: how does it taste? Sweet or peanutty? Looks ono but anything grilled looks tasty. Lucky you! -N

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see his next dish! This one looks ono!

Btw if you come home one day and notice a rabbit spinning on the rotisserie...just know it's going to be,really fresh and have scents of lemon and lilikoi!;)

jalna said...

LOL, Al. How perfect is that?

Thanks Jenny.

Thank you, Kat.

N, it tasted like chicken satay!

Hahahaha. Too funny, Anon.

Mokihana said...

Looks so 'ono!!!! Mahalo for the recipe!

Nippon Nin said...

This looks great! I can almost smell it.

Erick said...

That looks so ono!

Susan said...

Hmm, looks like we all jealous of you and drooling at the same time! Haha

jalna said...

Welcome, Moki!

Akemi, I can still smell it. I didn't take in my laundry fast enough. LOL!

It was, Erick. You should try!

Yah, Susan, I feel so grateful that Wendell cooks. I thought about washing his truck for him yesterday . . . just for a second . . . and changed my mind. Heeeey, his truck is HUGE. LOL!!