Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We got a lot of these Raptosaurus-looking lizards in our yard. I don't really like um, mostly 'cause I think they're ugly and so aggressive. 

This guy seems to like to hang around my plants. 

I was so surprised the other morning when I saw him in a pot standing next to one of my lemon plants.

He actually jumped onto the plant.

And then did his throat thing to show me that I better not mess with him.  I watched carefully to make sure that he didn't do any damage to the plant.  All he did was lick off some of the water droplets, and then he ran away.

Remember this plant that Damn Rabbit chewed up?  Choke new leaves are sprouting on the top.  I'm so happy!

Even this one is showing signs of life.  One tiny new leaf is emerging!

Some of my lemon plants got this action going on too.  Dunno what it is . . . been like that for awhile.  We'll see.

Fay, no worry, I neva forget that I owe you one plant.  I still get extra . . . even after the rabbit damage.


Leslie's pics said...

ooooh those are those ugly ones that hang out by the parking structure!!

Yosh808 said...

Ooooh...those black lizards...gotta kill um if you can. They are carnivorous and eat the local geckos. =(

Hope you're doing well Jalna!...miss you!!!

jalna said...

Got choke yah, Les!

Hey Yosh! Miss you too!

Erick said...

I see those lizards all over the place. What happened to the normal gecko used to be all over?

jalna said...

I know Erick! The Raptors just took over yah!

Nippon Nin said...

Wow! I'm glad I'm bigger than the lizard though, I would run out in a flash if I saw one like that...I may scream first.

jalna said...

Hahahahaha! They are soooo spooky looking Akemi.