Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Korean Holocaust

A Korean holocaust exists today, and it makes me feel so sad and helpless.  It is believed that about 150,000 people . . . men, women and CHILDREN live in labor camps scattered throughout North Korea.  They are forced into hard labor, starved, and tortured.  

Shin Dong-Hyuk was born in Camp 14 and never knew that another type of life existed until a new prisoner secretly told him of life beyond the wires. Weary of the beatings and the starvation and after being forced to witness his mother and brother being executed, he decided to attempt an escape.  

He might be the only person to have ever successfully done so.  You can read about his story here. He is also the subject of a book called Escape from Camp 14.


Kay said...

I heard about this. It's so very awful to think all that is happening right now and there's nothing anybody can do.

jalna said...

Kay, I think about it all the time . . . that right now people are living that kind of life . . . every single day. It could be me.