Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brandee's European Adventure - Part I

Coworker Brandee wears many hats.  One of them is a Chef's Hat.  She is currently enrolled in the KCC Culinary Arts Program and recently earned a scholarship to a cooking school in France.  She'll be there for a few months and will be sending me updates to post on this blog for her.  Brandee, I am most honored to be doing this for you!!  So without further ado everyone . . .  Heeeeere's Brandee . . .

I arrived into Barcelona last week Thursday and met up with my classmate from school Kumi and her husband Gilbert. I also use to work with her at Morimoto’s till she decided to move back to Japan. They happen to be in Barcelona the same time I arrived in to Lyon so I took a detour to Barcelona to meet them for 2 days.

Barcelona, Spain is SSSSSSSOOOOOO beautiful. I did alot of sightseeing in the day and half I was there and had the best Tapa's in a quaint little bar in town called “ Quimet et Quimet”.

 Kumi, Gilbert and I also got to see the amazing "Sangrada Familia" a famous church in Barcelona that was designed by the famous artist Antoni Gaudi. Next day I took the subway in to see "Park Guelle" also designed by Antoni Gaudi. This park had everything including the house he lived at. Then went and seen the Picasso Museum in another part of town. Later on that day I met up with Kumi and Gilbert for dinner and we had Paella, (I think my Paella tastes better) LOL!

 The next day I left for Lyon, France and arrived that morning. The town I live in is really small and is called Yssigneux. It's about a 2 hour bus ride from Lyon Airport, but it is so picturesque. I felt like frolyne Maria in the “Sound of Music”.  I have a roommate at the chateau. Her name is Katiya. She is from Bellaroque. It's an independent country of Ukraine. Don’t every get that mixed up with Russia.  She will BReAK u.  If you get that mixed up.  I am BELLAROUCH!  Anyway I think I spelled it wrong. She really is very nice and fun trying to communicate with her.

 Here are just some of the pictures from Barcelona, Spain with the spectacular food we ate in the two days.


(Brandee is on the left)











Leslie's pics said...

That's sooo neat that you're blogging for her! If you're reading this Bran...I'm jealous! I loved the food in Spain too :) Keep sending pics, at least we'll know you're still alive!! :)

jalna said...

I love doing this for Bran, Les!! I hope she keeps us updated regularly.

K and S said...


Betty Townsend said...

How fun and an exciting experience for Brandee...looking forward to reading her posts via your blog!

Unknown said...

WOW! Im jealous! i sooo wana go back and explore more countries in europe too. And the food DOES look ono! I bet the pics dont do it justice. Jalna, u need to get out there and do a food blog! HAHA.

jalna said...

I've never been to Europe. . . not good at traveling. The food does look ono!