Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brandee's European Adventure - Part 3

Brandee calls this episode:

Lost in Translation Part 3: Week 2 July 11 – July 13

The week in Yssingeux, France was all about the cakes. We did amazing cakes that I cannot explain the amount of work that goes into a piece of cake. I myself was amazed at the work I had done in the past 3 days. Our Chef is amazing, and the best part is when we put our artistic talent on the design of the cake. If its chocolate swirls, chocolate patterns, airbrushing the top, decorating with different fruits, or just pouring ganache all over.

 Every Friday we display our work of art with the rest of the class and the other students from the other classes. You get to showcase what you made for the week. This was a short week, due to the fact that in France on the 14th of July they celebrate Bastille Day which is a national holiday. We had class up to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday was a Holiday.

So in the weeks before Niki, Kate, Karin and I had decided since there was no class for the next 4 days and we don’t have to be back to school until Monday morning at 6 am we were going to head to the south of France to the “French Riviera” and go to Nice and Cannes for the 4 day holiday.

Here are some of the picture of what we did in class, along with the Beginner class that made bread all week, and The Perfecting Class that made Valines (small little desserts in edible cups), and of course we made different styles of cakes.

In the class this week was cakes, everything has a French name for it, but I will explain it in English. There is a picture of my classmates with me in the middle along with our chef Jocelyn and the man who runs the program. He is the man next to chef wearing the vest with French flag on his lapel which stands for “M.O.F” Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. It’s a highly praised award here in France. It is the equivalent to an Olympic Gold Metal or the Super Bowl Ring. (Google it and look it up)

Hope you enjoy the pictures this week. Next installment we are off the “The French Riviera” for Bastille Holiday!!

Saint Domingo - Passion Fruit cream, White chocolate mousse with a white chocolate glace with coconut

Millefeuille Praline - layered puff pastry with Praline cream and crispy crepe batter on the edge

La Valenta: A Raspberry Bombe with Chiboust cream, on top a sponge cake with fresh strawberry and chocolate handmade squares

Fleur damande fraises - like a strawberry short cake with pink airbrush frosting

Cremeaux caramel chocolate - almond cake with apples, caramel and a chocolate ganache

Picture of my classmates, chef Jocelyn and the Head of the program the M.O.F.

Next set of pictures in the other class and the desserts and bread class. 

Caroline, Maria Louisa and Victor - Bread week for them

Perfecting class did Valines desserts which is basically small dessert in edible chocolate boxes or cups

Perfecting class's cake

Our class's buffet of cakes

Next is my weekend in Nice and Cannes for Bastille Day in the French Riviera.  I am off the the "French Riviera".




jalna said...

I think it's pretty unbelievable that Bran's on the other side of the earth in a French baking school with new friends from all over the world making these incredible desserts. How AWESOME IS THAT!!

Dd said...

OMG !!! I am the green monster (with envy) NICE !! CANNES....oooo la la

Unknown said...

Thats soo cool Bran! Keep your eye out for that perfect lil chateau while your there. 'Ladybugs bran..lots n lots of ladybugs.' Buy it..and he will come. haha.

Dd said... Brandee cutie short or r the Europeans all very tall ??

jalna said...

I think Bran is a little shorter than me, Didi.

K and S said...

exciting stuff! thanks for sharing!