Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

JOY! JOY! JOY! I'm sooo happy today 'cause IT'S OVER!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! I won't lie . . . Christmas stresses me out. It seems the older I get the more stressed I get. So with the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, and the delivering all pau, I got to enjoy the day with my family.

I wanted to start this post with this shot of my brother sprinkling cinnamon into a flaming pan of Bananas Flambe. Cy worked at Mateo's Restaurant for 18 years, and this was his specialty.

He started off with some bananas in a pan, a block of butter, brown sugar, brandy and some lemon juice (was supposed to be orange juice, but he claims my mom forgot to bring it). Celia, thanks for the Meyer lemons. That's what he used!

After doing the flaming thing he spooned the bananas and sauce onto some Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream.

Here is my sister Geri hugging Cy. Do you see the lump on her forehead? She got it when she stooped down in front of me and hit her head on my flash. Mean hah? It was black and blue too!

14-pound prime rib!!

Glenn made it in a Weber.

I totally shirked my food picture taking duties today . . . almost didn't even get this shot.

He hibachied a couple of chickens too.

Geri made this ono hot potato salad, and again this is all that was left when I remembered to take pictures. I e-mailed her to remind her to give me the recipe for you.

Sweetie made this somen salad. Somen salad is somen salad right? But what's special about Sweetie's somen salad is her dressing. It's a light lemony dressing. Veeeeery ono. I just love it. I used to have the recipe but I think it's on my computer that crashed. I e-mailed her for the recipe too.

Here are the pooches.









K and S said...

looks like you guys had lots to eat and lots of fun!

jalna said...

We did Kat!

Les said...

sooo cute your family! Love the framed pics!

jalna said...

Hahaha. Thanks Les.

Erick said...

The food looks so ONO! Ha,ha, I didn't know you could use a camera as a weapon. Nice shot of the fire too.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick. So poor ting yeah my sister.

Randism said...

sorry fo not commenting more! finally got my computah back! lub your pictures! but no give me one close up shot like u gave your sista, okay?!?

jalna said...

Hey Rand! Congratulations on getting your computer back! I'll try not to hurt any more people with my gear.

Betty Townsend said...

Yummy food...poor sister...great family pictures...I love seeing what you all have at your family dinners!!

jalna said...

Thanks Betty. We're gathering again on New Year's Day. I'll try to do better with taking pictures of the food.

renrr said...

I'm looking forward to you posting the hot potatoe salad and somen dressing recipes.

jalna said...

Should be soon, Renrr!