Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cupcakes from Cake Couture

Coworker Jason dropped these off at my house last week. So nice yah! They're from Cake Couture in Aina Haina. They were sooo good! Thanks Jason and Sharon!

The box on the left contained a Cinnamon Toast, 2 "Faux-stess" and a Black & White. The box on the right has Pumpkin, Mocha, Eggnog and another Cinnamon Toast.



Randism said...

mmmmm... looks like works of art!

btw, did u uze your handy dandy 16-35mm fo dat shot?!? maybe celia going buy one fo me fo christmas!

Erick said...

I love their cupcakes! Kind of pricey though, but worth it.

Betty Townsend said...

These all look yummy! Cupcakes are the "in" thing! :)

jalna said...

Rand, they're very impressive looking. I used my 35mm lens with flash bounced off the ceiling.

Erick, they ARE expensive, probably explains why this was only the second time I've had um.

Betty, cupcakes are in? Right up Leslie's alley then.

Les said...

I wonder how they get their frosting like that. I've tried many different ways but mines is always more of the runny type and I can't get it to hold its shape like that :(

I don't think i've ever tasted them...I wonder if someone could steal me a recipe :)

jalna said...

But Les, I loooove your cupcakes.

eye said...

I also love the cupcakes at Cake Couture! They have a chocolate cupcake with white frosting that's really good. Some cupcakes get a little dry, but this flavor is very moist. Sometimes, the frosting does tend to be a little much so I have to take some off before I eat the cupcake. But all and all, it's still really good.

Have you tried the cupcakes in Restaurant Row called Hokulani Bakeshop? I like their red velvet cupcakes and my best friend loves their carrot cake cupcake there.

jalna said...

Hey eye! No, I've never tried Hokulani Bakeshop. Thanks for the tip!