Tuesday, July 21, 2009

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church

Yesterday Les, Erick and I had the unique opportunity of witnessing and photographing a portion of the morning church service held at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church. Situated on the slopes of Alewa Heights, the church was established in 1986 by members of our Egyptian community. The Coptic Orthodox Church is the largest Church in the Middle East, with about 12 million faithful in Egypt.


Erick said...

Fantastic shoots in spite of the smoke! Your saturation is great, the colors look just like the real thing. I love the shots with the smoke guy. Great shooting job under tough conditions!

RONW said...

what you doing taking picture in there??

* know what my word verification happened to be for my comment .... "bible"

jalna said...

Thanks Erick!! I wasn't sure I would have any usable photos because of the hazy conditions, but Photoshop helped put back some pop into them.

Ron, so funny your word verification. The church had some mainland visitors and also wanted some photos to use for promotional material, so we were asked to help them out. Having never seen an Egyptian Orthodox service before, I jumped at the chance.

Dd said...

OMG....small world, one of my Downtown employees goes to this church, yes, she is Egyptian