Wednesday, July 22, 2009

C & T Bento's

On Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 noon on King Street between Keeaumoku and Kaheka you can find some ono bentos and donburi.

They sell it out of Pub Jan Ken Pon.
Side order Chicken Katsu ($2.00)
Chicken Katsu bento ($6.00)
Katsudon ($5.75)
Kalbi ($5.75)
Bento ($6.75)
All that's left of my bento . . . oishiiiiii.


SW said...

I walk pass there every morning on my way to work and was wondering when you're going to blog about it and take pics! The bentos does look good and I've been meaning to go and try it...I'm glad to see your pics! Looks reeeeally good. btw, what's w/ the leftover carrot (or sausage)?

jalna said...

Shun-Wah, that's soooo funny. It's a carrot. I HATE cooked carrots, but it didn't go to waste 'cause my coworker ate it after the picture. By the way, can you e-mail me and tell me how you got the header picture on your blog to fit so perfectly. I want to change mine but I'm scared to mess it up. I've put the picture I want to use on the bottom of my blog for you to see.

Erick said...

That looks so good! Your pictures make the food look so ono I am going tomorrow.

Betty Townsend said...

Yum!! What do you call that vegetable with the holes in it? I love that! I've never known what it is called.

jalna said...

Betty, I love it too. It's called "hasu" in Japanese.