Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Light Drawing

I got so excited when I saw these on sale at Longs in this past Sunday's Longs ad. I thought they'd be perfect to use to try out some light drawings. It came in four colors and was only $2.50!!

Here's what it looks like in the dark. What I did was, in a darkened room I set the camera down on a stool, I focused on a chair that's about 8 feet away, I clicked the shutter (which I had set to stay open for about 10 seconds), I ran to the chair and I drew pictures with the light. There's a tutorial at And then watch this neat You Tube video called PikaPika the movie. And if you're still interested, check out behind the scenes of PikaPika the movie. The below is a composite from 5 separate shots. Neat, yeah!


Erick said...

Way Cool!!! Did you have to right it backwards? Very nice, I am amazed at how it looks like regular hand writing.

jalna said...

Yes, I had to write the words backwards. I hesitated with the "j" that's why it's brighter than the rest of the letters.

Ruth said...

That is so cool!! :)