Friday, October 10, 2008

BHiver Wall

My lunch-hour walk took me in the opposite direction from where I usually go. I went in search of some grafitti that I vaguely remembered seeing awhile back. When I hit Piikoi I was about to give up and head back, but decided to go one more block . . .
and found it behind the Quintero's building . . . except it wasn't the same as I'd remembered. It was different.
It seems to have been done by Aloha Family. Not until I got home and looked closely at the photos did I realize that each group of letters spelled the word "BHive". Thanks to the wonders of the Internet I learned that BHiver was the nickname of Matt Smith a "writer" who fell to his death from a 22-story building on 2/28/2007. You can learn more at this blog, created in his honor.

Matt "BHiver" Smith - 1983-2007


bkpr1 said...

Hi Jalna

Thanks for posting your photos of the AF BHIVER wall. Bhiver's dad!

starshine said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for posting them.