Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kauai - Taro Chips, Fried Chicken and Shave Ice

Day 2!!! After our sunrise shoot at Anahola Beach, breakfast at Tip Top and a 2-hour total-zonk-out nap, we were off again . . . this time westward to Hanapepe and Waimea. 

I have previously blogged about Taro Ko Chips many times, most notably here, here, and here.  It was so cool that I was finally going to da "factory".


Isn't this so so so so cute! 

I wasn't 100% sure that this was the entrance, so we kinda meekly tiptoed in.

It was! Sure enough, Dale Nagamine was there doing his thing.  I recognized him from an article that I had read in Hawaii Magazine here

The article mentions Stanley Sakoda, Dale's friend who hangs out with Dale everyday. We talked story for a little bit and then left with two boxes of our pre-ordered taro chips. After driving a bit we realized that we forgot to get a bag for us to eat, so we went back. Dale gave us the bag for free! How awesome izdat?! Dunno why, but it made me teary. 

Next on our agenda was to go find some "super-ono fried chicken" recommended by Leslie's friend, Ryan. After being misdirected by Ryan to the Hanapepe Shell Station, we finally found the chicken at the Waimea Shell Station, a few miles away.

The chicken was $2 each. We bought the last three. The crispy chicken skin was indeed "super ono", but to be honest, the meat inside was small-kine dry. 

Since our fried chicken hunt took us to Waimea we decided to go check out the Waimea Canyon, a day earlier than planned. On our way there, we stopped for some shave ice at Jojo's



When I ordered my strawberry/li hing shave ice ($4.75), this guy quickly made me a sample spoonful of the li hing syrup to taste first. He said that they make it with actual pulverized li hing mui seed and is pretty potent, so he wanted to make sure that I'd like it.

Let me tell you . . . IT WAS DA BOMB LI HING MUI FLAVOR!! I'm drooling right now just thinking about it.  I did tell him to not put too much, though, 'cause it really was potent.

Here is Leslie's vanilla/melona shave ice.  Hers was good too.  Sooooo refreshing.  I only wish that they had a smaller size. We both couldn't finish ours. 

Next stop . . .  Waimea Canyon . . . tomorrow's post. 


Kalin's Mommy said...

We love Jojo's!

jalna said...

Mich! That li hing flavor . . . not what I usually order on a shave ice, but boy am I glad I did!

K and S said...

mouth watering!

jalna said...

Total drool, Kat!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Total indulgence! You so lucky!

Susan said...

Mmmm, I think I've seen that flavor here. I'll need to try it. And those 2 guys look like your brothas (from another motha yeah...lol)

Leslie's pics said...

I wanna go back to JoJo's too! Gotta get ice cream next time...I think i'll get the li hing syrup too. Hey, did you try the sweet potato and regular potato chips? I think I like the taro ones the best.

Mark Shelby said...

I love all of the fun places to eat Jalna! Dat's what makes Hawaii even mo bettah! But holy moly even ICE get massive inflation now!

jalna said...

It was a time to indulge, Aunty!!

LOL, Susan. For sure try the li hing! Let me know what you think.

I like go back to Jojo's too, Les. I have tried the sweet potato and regular, and I agree . . . I like the taro ones best.

Mark, that's why me and Les wanted a smaller size. We knew we wouldn't be able to finish . . . so waste.

Julie in B.C., Canada said...

From reading your previous "Taro Chips" posts, those Chips sound so intriguing to me now! Is it possible to re-create the recipe from home?

DNakamaru said...

I'm drooling now! Love that Li hing mui on shave ice!!!!!!

jalna said...

Not sure about that Julie. Dean's chips are very finely shaved. There are no other chips like his.

Oooooh, Dean . . . that li hing flavor!!!!