Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It was busy at this food vendor's stall at the Kam Swap Meet this past Saturday. A popular item there was this dessert-looking thing that was right up front on the table. People grabbed them up as soon as they were put out.


It was $3.50/cup. It's a filipino dessert called Taho. The girl putting together the concoction said that it's made with tofu, tapioca and sugar syrup. I found a recipe here.

Our diet challenge will be OVA in a few days. Maybe I can try this the next time I go to Kam.


Anonymous said...

i just looked at the recipe. looks soooo yummy! and easy to make! I love most Filipino desserts especially ginataan and tupig but those are humbug to make.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Good luck on your challenge! What will you win?
I find that the Filipino desserts look fantastic with the layering and colors, but they are not substantial or sweet enough for me. Maybe that means they are healthier? Still, if I am going to eat food that is unhealthy, like desserts, then it has to be absolutely delicious so my body pays the price but my taste buds and mouth are in heaven.

jalna said...

V, tupig!!! Looooove it!!

Aunty, five of us are wagering $100 each, so biggest loser wins $400. I think my favorite desserts are chewy, like mochi. I am totally eating mochi after weigh-in.

Mark Shelby said...

What are the layers of white things and the small round fruit?

jalna said...

Mark, the white thing is tofu and the round balls are like tapioca.