Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello Kitty Charm - Part 2

I did it!  It was small-kine hard, but little by little it all came together. 


She's so cute!

She's tiny . . . only about 1-inch square. I'm planning to make one with Swarovski crystal beads and have a giveaway. Stay tuned!


Kay said...

You are a genius! I like how you made the flower a different color so that it would stand out better!!!

alibaba37 said...

Good job! She came out so cute and I think mini makes her even more cute!

Leslie's pics said...

so so so cute!!!

mmiissee said...

I would've given up lol.
I give you props for having patience when it comes to crafts.
And I agree too, she is cute.

K and S said...


Honolulu Aunty said...

Congrats and good job! I cannot get the hang of those things. In the beginning it all looks like a big tangled mistake and then it suddenly becomes something.

jalna said...

LOL, thanks, Kay.

Thanks Alibaba!

I gotta go get me some more beads now, Les.

I will give up after I make a bunch, Mmiissee. That's usually what happens.

Thanks Kat.

That is exactly true, Aunty. You have to trust that you're doing it correctly because it makes no sense in the beginning.

Susan said...

WOW! I knew you could do it! I think small makes it cuter!!

jalna said...

Susan, I'm making an even smaller one with seed beads! I'll show you guys later.