Monday, July 21, 2014

Metamorphosis - Part 2

I almost missed the Grand Entrance, but caught it just in time. Whew!  It happened early Saturday morning while the light was still somewhat dim so my depth of field (focus) was very narrow. But still, I'm glad I got to witness it.  


Dd said...

sooo coooll. I can just watch and how long did it take ??

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow! Awesome!

K and S said...

so cool!

Anonymous said...

impressed with your musical selections!
hahaha, Kona photobombing your video!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations J! You're a proud momma of a gorgeous butterfuly. Totally awesome and wow! Koa is the cutie too. So did it fly away eventually. You have lotsa patience. Gorgeous vid. -N

:) josefina :) said...

love it! how awesome that you were able to film that, Jalna! very soothing music, too.

Erick said...

Way cool! Nature is amazing.

Nippon Nin said...

Amazing! So that's how they do it! This is nice video, I loved the music. And Kona!

Anonymous said...

J: off topic but due to your yummers mochi search I found an EZ on the 'net.

1 10 oz box of mochi flour (the one I had was 16 oz so I guesstimated)
1-can coconut milk shake well before using (uh oh I didn't but it was ok. I used Tropic or Tropical 13.5 oz)
1/4 cup sugar (I would use more cuz wasn't THAT sweet but ok)
1 TBS vanilla extract (again guesstimated)
I had coconut flakes so I added that in the mochi mix. Mixed well to remove bubbles

Put in my microwave mochi maker for 10 minutes at high.

I rolled in the coconut flakes or kinako. Since I wanted different flavors.

I wish I had food coloring, the white was kind of blah looking.

Also learned I could get the smooth bean paste, roll in little balls and wrap the mochi around it for an mochi. But den I forget to buy. sigh. That's what I did when I use to make mochi for NY's. also put a drop of p-nut butter in the middle instead of an for ono p-b mochi. Or I was thinking Biscotti paste. yum -N

jalna said...

Didi, the actual emerging took seconds. The amount of time until he flew away? Maybe 6 hours.

I thought so too, Mich!

For real yah, Kat.

Hahahaha! Thanks, Anon.

Thanks, N. Took looooong time before it flew away. Choke footage for just a few minutes' video. But I guess that's how it is.

Glad you enjoyed it, Jos.

Very cool, Erick.

Thanks Akemi!

OMG, N . . . I so want to eat some homemade mochi right now.

Leslie's pics said...

ohmygawwd that was freakin awesome! Too bad Kona neva really care :(

Dd said...

wait....flew away....awwwwww ;o{

jalna said...

Yah, Les . . . gonna couldn't be bothered. LOL.

Didi, you can go Sweetie's house and check out hers!

DNakamaru said...

Thank you! great video! Dawn will love it!

jalna said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Dean!

SW said...

So cool how it emerged from its cocoon but didn't know what to do w/ the wings esp when it was being blown and holding to dear life to the leaf. I didn't know this was outdoors all this time. Awesome! I also liked how Kona looked so 'excited' about the entire event.. ;-)

jalna said...

Shun Wah, the pot actually was indoors. I slowly moved it to outside after the butterfly emerged. I knew from my sister's previous butterfly hatchings that he wasn't gonna fly off right away.