Thursday, July 24, 2014

J-Shop (Again)

I can't seem to stay away from this store . . . even though everything is so expensive there. I'm so glad that I went yesterday because they were giving away samples.  Besides this meat there were tomato, melon (the $60 one), and little musubi samples . . . all veeeery delicious.


I actually went there to see if maybe they might've discounted this mochi yet 'cause I knew that the expiration date is coming up.  Welllllll, not only had it not been discounted, but this is the last box they had.  No, I didn't buy it. 

I almost bought this Lemon Honey.  The honey has Shikoku lemon in it and looked so good . . . but it was around $15 so I decided not to.

I did buy this kuromame.  I wanted to buy it the last time I was there, but didn't.  It was $4.50.  It's good.  I had to force myself to not eat the whole thing.

This pickled egglant was discounted 30%.  I got it for $5.25.

I wasn't sure how to cut it.  I think this way it looks pretty.

I also got this narazuke . . . $13.50.  EXPENSIVE!!!  But oishiiiiii.

So crunchy.  Landon doesn't like it, but Wendell does. 

Cute yah!  In the back is some won bok that I salted to make into kim chee, but never got the kim chee base yet so been eating with just some shoyu.

I thought this shoyu looked intriguing.  It says that it will make your eggs taste good.  I wasn't sure if I was reading it right so I asked the guy there if the kanji said "tamago" (egg).  He said yes. He said that they use it on top of tamago kake gohan (raw egg on rice).  I bought a bottle. It was $6.25.

As soon as I got home I boiled some eggs.  While it was still warm I poured some of the shoyu on top.  IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!!!!  Even Wendell said that it was VERY good.  

I almost bought some wagyu beef again. But I didn't.  And now I wish that I did.   And I don't even care for beef . . . normally.  But OMG . . . BUTTAH. 


Anonymous said...

j: that's cool. I was thinking of going but decide I wanted hele out of town more. I did go to Keeaumoku Store and they had kuri for only $.29, the one you showed in your pix. When I came home I found out why, the expiration date is in August. Can't beat that price! Nijiya had it a Japanese made one for $3.29 so I saved $3. I will check out J-store though I probably can only afford to look (and hopefully taste) -N

jalna said...

Ho, N, 29 cents! Whata bargain! They musta bought tons and tons of that kuri. I bought lots myself when it was 79 cents.

Dd said...

i am very very afraid to step foot in there ... ;o{

jenny said...

Oh my gosh. I am so curious about this store now. I should have checked it out today! Thanks for sharing. And sorry I didn't get to comment earlier, but the video of your butterfly was amazing! So did you let it go free?

Erick said...

Look so ono. I have to go check it out.

jalna said...

Didi, it's actually a pretty small store, so not too overwhelming.

Yah, Jenny, the butterfly is free. I worried about it a little bit when it was pouring rain.

You gotta check out da meat, Erick!

Nippon Nin said...

Hi Jalna! We're back from Hawaii! We stayed at my daughter for 4 days and flew to Big Island for a week. Because you mentioned this store before so while in Oahu we checked it out. Everything seem so expensive but it was fun! I know the storm(s) is coming in your way, be safe. And I hope you will be back soon.

jalna said...

Hey Akemi!!! I'm so glad you got to check it out. I agree . . . expensive, but fun.