Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yesterday's Evening Sky

Since I'm lacking in the blog material department lately I decided to take a picture of yesterday's sky.  This is actually five side-by-side photos stitched together and fussed around with in Photoshop. 

sky 5-17-14a


Les said...


Anonymous said...

J: yowza - very gorgeous, you got some talent! -N

K and S said...


jalna said...

I like it when the sky is that color, Les.

N, Photoshop magic helps a lot.

Thanks, Kat.

Anonymous said...

I found this website Unreal Hawaii by photogs, it says it's a digital magazine. The pictures on there are gorgeous. They're a bunch of young 'kids' so they hiking to place I would fear to go...but they got some awesome pictures like the Haiku Stairs and an old building that's 150 years old. I never ever will go on the Stairs but what a way to see 'em. Safely in my bedroom. On my bed. heh. Click here: Pali Puka Hike - Nu'uanu Pali, HI |

Mark Shelby said...

I spy that condo building on the right and that hillside.

Do you live in Hawaii Kai Jalna?

I used to live at the Heritage House Condo in Hawaii Kai in a Penthouse. Awesome sunsets!

Then later moved up into a house on Mariners Ridge. More awesome sunsets!

I like see local pics, and then see if I can guess the location.

jalna said...

Oooooh thanks, Anon! I'll check out the the site later tonight when I get home from work.

You so unreal, Mark. Howdahell you could tell? I'll try take some shots for you to guess locations, but me thinks I gotta make it hard for you.

Erick said...

Very cool shot!

Anonymous said...

Oopsy forgot to put my initial on the post about Unreal Hawaii. I spent yesterday exploring the site and the photos are breath takingly beautiful. Drop my jaw kind of shots becuz it's an O'ahu I've never seen and probably will never see, cuz I hate hiking and I don't have that kind of stamina any more. The guy says a 40 minute hike is easy. LOL A 15 minute hike is EZ to me. LOL I went on a hike with a Board of Water employee in a kapu area behind Nuuanu Reservior once. She told us it's an easy hike (I should've realized she's like this skinny minnie) and we ended up criss crossing streams, slipping and falling into said streams on HARD river rocks, fighting off mosquitos which apparently are mutants cuz OFF! don't work on them, clinging to rocks on muddy trails that are like 6" wide and one had to go sideways. Did I mention these were the rocks of a Heiau? Of women and children who died when King Kam and his army was chasing them to eventually throw them off the Pali? Cuz the women and kids, old folks couldn't keep up they were left behind to be killed? Yeah, that kind of sacred thing - oh and that the air and feeling around that heiau was incredibly thick, quiet and creepy and each of us 8-member hike felt it. Then after that one had to grab roots and hoist oneself up to the 4' ground above? One other fat member felt backwards into the stream with a splash (and me the other fatty was snickering. Yea cuz it could've been ME) Finally after one hour of all this up hill and down hill "fun" with wet and sore feet we get to the waterfall. Totally not worth it. Did I mention I hate hiking? -N

Anonymous said...

J: yeah, I now recognize that condo - the first one before Hawaii Kai. Forget the name but the prop. mgmt. company I was with managed that condo. Rich old folks and then then Pres. of the Board ran it like the military. LOL that's good memories. I always thought you lived in Kaimuki. -N

Mark Shelby said...

Aloha Jalna!

I can tell, because I have been crawling all over our islands since I was just 6 months old in 1955! I've seen all of the modern day changes. The build out of my beloved Waikiki.

I watched Kaiser build out Hawaii Kai from our home on Diamond Head from 1966 on.

I remember the Ocean would be red dirt color after huge rain storms with the mud run off, because all of the grading of land for homes on our East side!

I have a photographic memory. Especially of things and places I love.

That would be a fun pic thread Jalna.

"Guess where this pic was taken in our island home"....!

Keep Going! I always enjoy your pics and threads!


~Mark Shelby

jalna said...

Thanks Erick!

N, I hate hiking too. I hate the mud, the mosquitoes, the humidity. And you recognize the condo too! Wow.

Mark, it's so neat that you can remember so much. Wish I could.

Nippon Nin said...

Beautiful! Great job!

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi!

Randism said...

my thanks to Anon; that magazine is fantastic!

jalna said...

I agree, Rand!