Monday, May 12, 2014

Shoyu Tofu from Nuuanu Okazuya

I don't get to go to Nuuanu Okazuya too often, but when I do I like to order this Shoyu Tofu.  It's not fancy . . . the sauce is probably just shoyu and mirin . . . but it's really ono and I just loooove the texture of the tofu.  I don't really know how to describe it except to say that it's kinda creamy. 

I went there this past Friday and worked up the courage to ask where they get the tofu from.  The girl said it's from Aala Tofu!!  Yay! Now I know.  

Aala Tofu is at 513 Kaaahi Street. I gotta figure out how to get there.  I hope they sell to the public.

*UPDATE*:  I called Aala Tofu and found out that they do sell to the public, but because they're a small family-run operation, they might not be open if they're out delivering. Best time to go (this week at least) is Wednesday or Saturday afternoon.



Kalin's Mommy said...

You found out! Yay! When I was pregnant with Kalin, I loved the takuan from the Zippy's Zip Pac...I bought so much takuan trying to find the "ONE". Finally after so much disappointment, Len asked his friend who was a manager there...KOHO Brand! Hahaha...had so much takuan in the fridge, I think we finally had to throw it away.

Anonymous said...

J: I sorta looked it up for you, with google maps cuz I use to live in Kalihi Valley and know that area well enuf. If you're heading ewa on Dillingham Blvd which runs behind of COSTCO and right after Jack in the Box, it's the first stop light after the major intersection of Dillingham and Liliha. I think to get into Costco's parking lot it's the 2nd or 3rd left light. I've never been in that industrial area but it appears to be behind KMart and Salvation Army on Nimitiz. Don't think you can access via that though.

I know fresh tofu is ono, I've tried Honda's (in Wahiawa) fresh that day made and oooh dat was sooo ono. The prob w/ Honda's is they are open super early and close (at least to the public) before lunch or that's what I read. I am NOT a morning person. I've bought Honda's at the supermarket but maybe it's only in my head but it doesn't taste the same compared to from their factory direct.

I saw this cool info on Aala Tofu. Who knew?
1923 – The two 2nd oldest existing Japanese-American tofu companies (House Foods & Yamauchi Inc. of Los Angeles and Aala Tofu Co. of Honolulu) are founded in Hawaii. They both began as H. Iwanaga Daufu at 1031 Aala St. in Honolulu. In 1926 the company was renamed Shoshiro Kanehori Tofu, and in 1937 Haruko Uyeda Tofu, still at the same address. In about 1939 the company was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Shokin Yamauchi, who later renamed it Aala Tofu Co. Their son, Shoan Yamauchi, made tofu at the family company until 1946, when he went to Los Angeles, purchased the Hinode Tofu Co., and began making tofu there in 1947. After becoming Matsuda-Hinode Tofu Co. in 1963, the company was renamed House Foods & Yamauchi Inc. in 1983

Dd said...

yummm...might need to buy a minimum amount says its a "wholesale" location.

K and S said...

ooh sounds good!

jalna said...

That's funny, Mich!! I'd been trying different tofus trying to find one similar!

N, that's so interesting! I remember seeing Honda Tofu in the supermarket, but never Aala Tofu. House Foods sounds familiar too.

I wonder what the minimum would be, Didi. Remember when I got into Taro-Ko chips from Kauai and would order choke chips from them?

Must have lots of good tofu in Japan, Kat!

Anonymous said...

Try call times liliha, I think they carry it.

jalna said...

Thanks Anon. I'll try call.

Leslie's pics said...

thanks for the tip! That was some yummy tofu....glad you made me stop there :)

jalna said...

Thanks for pulling over for me, Les!!

Nippon Nin said...

What is that? I have never had shoyu tofu before. Interesting!

jalna said...

Really, Akemi? It was so good.