Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hanging in There

I think that nature is pretty amazing.

Remember my snail/caterpillar-damaged lemon plant?

Look!!  It's coming back again.  How cool izdat?! 

And talking about hanging in there.  Awhile ago I put an avocado seed in some water.  Not being good with plants, I didn't expect it to live.  Eight  years later here it is . . . still in a pot.  I never knew that avocado trees grow HAYUGE, and for various reasons I was reluctant to put it into the ground.  I kept watering it.  As it got bigger I wondered how in the world it could still survive with its roots all squooshed into the small pot.  I felt bad for it.

Yesterday, we loaded the tree onto the back of Landon's truck. Guess why.  I found a home for it!!  And it's the perfect home for an avocado tree that persevered and refused to die. It's the perfect place for its roots to be released into the ground to stretch out.  It's the perfect place for it to grow HAYUGE!  Guess where.

WALLY'S FARM!!!!!   The no-spray farm where I bought some eggs a week ago. Bill and Karian said that they'd take good care of it.  I'm soooo happy.

Thank you for pointing the way, N!!  Funny how things work out, yah.


Myko said...

Free avocados for life!

Anonymous said...

J: how awesome that you released your tree! May it live long and prosper. I'm glad to have given you the 411.We have an avo tree literally groaning as it's laden with avos. I'll get some to you when harvest time comes around. Not only you but everyone we know, it produces hundreds of them buggahs. But I'm kind worried that they are all turning brown but are not growing large. They look like baby pears at only about 5" in size right now. hhhmm as it's May already. You've helped me much with the photog-ing and food so glad I could give you a hand. Aloha, -N

1DecentApple said...

That is such a cool story. Looking forward to the sequel when you get to go back for avocados!

K and S said...

so cool!

jalna said...

I hope it produces for them, Myko.

Oh you so lucky, N!!

I'll keep you posted, Al.

Thanks, Kat.

Nippon Nin said...

Wow! I never knew the avocado tree is pretty neat looking. I think you have a green thumb! Yay!

jalna said...

No green thumb for me, Akemi. It's the tree that never gave up.