Saturday, May 31, 2014


I usually read my National Geographic Magazines during the day because I like to study the beautiful photos with good light.  Unfortunately, I'm behind . . . like October 2013 behind.  So last night, I decided that I'd better go through my pile.  I used a flashlight to help me see better.  

When my light shone on this page, I cracked up.



Anonymous said...

LOL dat funny. -N

jalna said...

Hahahaha!! It is yah, N!

Mark Shelby said...


So tonight I was over at my neighbors house. He was cleaning out his garage and going through boxes. Out of one of the boxes came a National Geographic Magazine from the 1920's in perfect condition!

It showed new fangled cars and new inventions of the day....etc.

It was awesome to see!

Mom always had these delivered to our home. It was a tradition!

Fun info I just found.....

National Geographic, formerly The National Geographic Magazine, is the official magazine of the National Geographic Society. It has been published continuously since its first issue in 1888, nine months after the Society itself was founded. It primarily contains articles about geography, history, and world culture. The magazine is known for its thick square-bound glossy format with a yellow rectangular border and its extensive use of dramatic photographs.

The magazine is published monthly, and additional map supplements are also included with subscriptions. It is available in a traditional printed edition and through an interactive online edition. On occasion, special editions of the magazine are issued.

As of 2011, the magazine was circulated worldwide in thirty-six language editions and had a global circulation of 8.3 million.[3] Its U.S. circulation is around 5 million per month

jalna said...

5 million per month! WOW!! I've been subscribing to the National Geographic for years. I used to keep all my issues in my closet, but it got to where it was taking up too much space. Now I pass them on when I'm pau with um. Unreal how your neighbor had an issue from 1920!

Nippon Nin said...

How funny! And cute illustration too.

I'm back home from Hawaii. I went to Shirokia and bought pickles, croquette, rice balls. And I bought Japanese CD at Book Off. It was fun outing!