Monday, May 20, 2013

Aloha Swap Meet 5/19/2013

Swap Meet Day!!!  I was actually quite excited since I hadn't been to the swap meet in awhile. Aunty came with us yesterday, and I wasn't quite sure about what time we would be leaving the house. So, as I got Aunty fed, dressed, etc. I would group text Sweetie and Geri with our progress. I didn't realize that I must've been doing it incorrectly with my new phone because Sweetie and Geri both told me later they hadn't gotten any of my texts.  The amazing thing though, is that when I got to Sweetie's house, they were both waiting outside as if they had been keeping up with our progess all along.  Howzdat yah!!

I knew before getting there that I would have trouble getting Aunty up this incline, but it turned out that I needn't have worried because ended up this guy offered to push her for me.  So nice!

Geri scooped up this bargain right away.  Cutco carving set for $5!

This scary mask was selling for $7.

Here's Aunty.  For some reason she preferred to stay all scrunched up like this.

Wood and glass, wood and glass. My sisters love wood and glass.  This vase was $20.

This guy sells chili pepper water every Sunday at Aloha.  Sweetie said that it's supa ono. She also told me that once while he was parked in Chinatown somebody stole a box of 30 bottles from his truck. When I asked him about it, he said that if they had to steal them from him, they musta really needed um, so it was okay.  Cool guy yah!

This is his chili pepper water. His attitude so amazed me that I forget how much I paid for it . . . maybe around $5. Unfortunately, he'll be paddling every Sunday for the next 3 to 4 months, so he won't be at the swap meet during this time. But he said that he might be able to deliver if you no live too far.  His number is on the bottle . . . 265-0316.

Here's another cool guy.  While he was walking pass me a mango dropped out of his cart.  I called out to him and took the mango to him.  Guess what he did?

He said that I could have it . . . and he gave me another one!!

These Bobbi Brown eye shadow were $4 each.  I bought two.

There was a crowd here.  They were giving away free samples of mochi and flavored butter. The coolest thing was that I met Brenna at this tent.  She said that she reads my blog and knows Kat of Our Adventures in Japan blog and also knows Leslie's sister in law. So small world yah!

Here's the mochi that I bought. It was selling for $5. They also had Mango Butter and Strawberry Butter, also $5 each.

This neat contraption for deep frying round stuff was $7.

Geri bought this rutilated quartz rock for $20.  The seller reluctantly brought the price down from $25 when we asked. 

She also bought this hand-made glass vase.  It was $5.  Geri said that she makes good use of these vases. She buys bunches of flowers and gives them away in the vases. She said that she just gave away two.  Okay, Geri, you can buy some more then.

Sweetie saw a similar glass globe like this one selling for $8.  The seller was willing to bring the price down to $7, but Sweetie had a price set of $5 in her mind so she refused.  A few minutes later she found this one. It was selling for $3!!  Score!

Geri bought this Christmas tree top for $1.

I got this bracelet for Aunty for $1.  I think she likes it. After we got home, she kept showing it off to everybody she could.  She wore it to Daycare today.  I think she's gonna be proud. LOL.

Geri bought this beautiful glass ball for $5. I think we can safely say that I-Not-Buying-No-More-Glass-Stuff Geri has fallen off the wagon.

I paid $10 for all three of these rhinestone pins.

I was actually only really interested in this one. 

I love it when these pieces have the makers names etched on um.  This one says "Barclay". Some research showed me that Barclay produced jewelry in Providence, Rhode Island from 1946 to 1957.

I also bought these.  They were $1 each. The seller said that he and his wife bought them in 1940 in West Virginia.  That made total sense to me because West Virginia is where the first machine-made marbles were produced.  I wish he had more colors.  I woulda bought more.

Margaret's artwork is progressing into the color realm now.

My final picture, taken as we were leaving.  I think coworker Runa could use this when she goes to Zumba class.


K and S said...

oh my gosh totally small world :)

Kalin's Mommy said...

Looks like Aunty enjoys going now, only thing you gotta do is find someone to wheel her up that big hill! :)

Brenna Walters said...

Hi Jalna!

Okay, this is my third attempt at this. It was so nice to meet all of you. I so enjoy your blog!

I can't believe you remembered my name and spelled it correct too. Nobody gets it correct on the first try.

Talk about small world. Not only do I know Kat and Leslie's sis in law but my husband shot the commercial for your company. Pretty soon, we'll find out we're long lost cousins!



Randism said...

wow; you really know how to score when you go! on the one day my daughter and i went, it was a holiday and hardly had anybody! auwe!

jalna said...

I knooooow Kat!!

Mich, I asked Aunty if she had fun and she lit up and said, "Yah!" I think me and my sisters gotta take turns going up that hill.

Hey Brenna!!! Your other two attempts did make it through. Dunno why but sometimes it takes awhile for the confirmation to appear. It was soooo nice meeting you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I was so stoked! I can't believe how much we're related . . . LOL!

Oh bummahs Rand! I've never gone on a holiday. Good to know not to go.

Erick said...

Wow, cool stuff for cheap prices!

Nippon Nin said...

This is really neat! That Cutco knife set is super good buy (and no shipping charge). The wooden vase is really pretty. I don't know how to use the deep frying round but looks interesting. Good people, good fun! Loved it!

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi. It's getting really hot out there now.