Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keone's Blazin' Steaks Atkinson Grill

I actually want to call this Keone's Atkinson Grill because Keone's place it's so unlike all the other Blazin' Steaks and more like a local diner serving dishes such as Adobo Fried Rice and Prime Rib Loco Moco.  Keone asked if I could take pictures for him for a Room Service in Paradise menu coming out next month.  I jumped at the chance.


Here's Keone's Prime Rib Loco Moco ($11.50).

Paniolo Scramble ($7.95).

Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger with Garlic Fries

Keone pan fries huge potato wedges for the garlic fries.  I ended up eating all the fries . . . neva even share one . . . oops!

The Works Omelet ($10.50). It's filled with steak, spam, bacon, portuguese sausage, mushroom, spinach and cheese!

VIP Bento ($14.95) contains fish, steak and short ribs.

Black Angus Prime Rib ($15.95).

Portuguese Sausage and Eggs ($5.50).

Pork Adobo Fried Rice ($7.95).

Here's my buddy Mano enjoying his omelet.  I so owe Mano for hooking me up with Keone 'cause not only do I get to take pictures of the food, but I get to take um home!!  SCORE YEAH!!


Here's Keone hard at work. If you're ever in the area, make sure you check out the ono food there.  It's at the corner of Atkinson and Kapiolani.







K and S said...

cool opportunity! ono looking food too!

jalna said...

Really Kat! And I just love it when I get to take home some food too!

Betty Townsend said...

I follow this place on Facebook after you did a post on it. They serve up some amazing meals!! Fantastic opportunity for you to help promote the restaurant!!

jalna said...

Hey Betty, you follow it on Facebook? I should too. I really gotta check into Facebook more.

Dd said...

I think my friend is a cook there...did you ever meet Robert ?

jalna said...

Didi, there was a guy there helping Keone but I don't know his name. I'll email you a picture of him.

Erick said...

They have a good selection,great food shots too. Made me so hungry, think I'll go eat something right now!

jalna said...

That's what I was thinking too Erick . . . huge menu selection.

Yosh808 said...

Holy crap!! The prime rib loco and adobo fried rice look AMAZING!!! Can go for lunch one day o wat?

Keone said...

DD - Chef Rob is my co-worker! Funny thing is we used to work together at Marie Callendar's in Kaneohe 20 years ago; he became a food executive and me, a hotel executive and now we're back together....20 years later. Funny how things work out!

Jalna - Beautiful pics as always! I really appreciate you coming down to help me out on such short notice..!

jalna said...

Keone, you know it was totally my pleasure . . . YUMMMM!!

jalna said...

Good idea Yosh!

Les said...

you guys can't go for lunch till after March 8th. gan funit. Wendell and Landon must've been really happy when you came home from this one eh?

jalna said...

Les, each picture I took with my camera, I would also take with my cell and send it to Wendell and Landon. From the start Landon wanted some of the Loco Moco action.

random said...

keone is a super nice guy even tho he looks like a special forces dude! ha! ono food fo shure!

jalna said...

I agree Random . . . Keone is super, super nice!

Mano said...

Hi Everyone:

You always make the food come to life Jalna! Soooo good seeing you =)


jalna said...

It was GREAT seeing you there Mano.