Monday, August 15, 2011


Miscellaneous: Mixed; mingled; consisting of several things; of diverse sorts . . .  the perfect title for this post.

Here is coworker Ryan and his family.  We met at Moanalua Garden this past Saturday.  They're pretty much the last family that I needed pictures of for my calendar.  Thanks Ryan, for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to meet me.


Here's a peek of a draft of the calendar.  I started this project back in January . . . a calendar with pictures of my coworkers  . . . with family, with significant others, at gatherings, at meetings, acting glamorous, acting silly . . . with individual photos on each of their birthdates.  Can't believe I'm almost pau.



Here are the members of a newly-formed non-profit organization called VBRAH - Vietnamese Business Resources Association of Hawaii.  We met for some picture taking this past Sunday at East West Center.  VBRAH strives to be the primary advocate, voice, and resource for the local Vietnamese-Americans and their businesses. They are an awesome bunch. I loved them instantly and had a great time photographing them.IMG_6873

What in the world is this? I just loooooove it.  Yosh gave it to me.  You can find out about it here

Didi gave me this Summer Seedless Peach.  It is onolicious.  She bought it as 7 Eleven for 99 cents.
summer peach

Another small-kid story:  The summer before my fourth grade my family moved to Palolo Valley.  When school started I was the "new girl" and very much shy and insecure.  At lunch one day I started eating a tangerine that I had brought with my home lunch. It dawned on me as I was eating it that I didn't know the proper etiquette for disposing of the seeds.  Do I "ptui" it out onto my plate?  I had no napkin.  Do I hide it in my hands?  I didn't wanna be teased if I did the wrong thing. So I did the only thing I could . . . I swallowed every single seed . . . and had lots.

This is what greeted me when I got to work this morning.  Isn't it GREAT!!!  I'm keeping every single post-it note F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Thank you Lo, Jason, Tysha and Sean . . . for making my Monday morning so special.


Mariko said...

I wanna try those peaches.
That is so funny you swallowed all the seeds. It is hard to look sweet while spitting out seeds, isn't it?

What great coworkers you have. Frame that board.

Erick said...

Cool calendar, what a great idea. Lucky the seeds didn't grow in your stomach. LOL

Betty Townsend said...

great post!! My daughter has been making me a Creative Memories calendar the past couple of years. She uses pictures she has taken the previous year of her family. Then includes everyone's birthday on the specific date. At the end of the year, I can cut off the top picture and fit them into a scrapbook album...they are perfect 12x12 size.

jalna said...

The peach is pickled and is crunchy! Just didn't know what to do with the seeds, Mariko.

Do you know Erick, that I did worry about the seeds growing? Hahaha.

Betty, I ordered the calendar from Costco and couldn't have been more pleased with the quality.