Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Madagascar Geckos at the Cactus Garden

Four years ago, when me and Susie were just starting out with our new hobby, "photography", our then new photographer buddy "Erick" told us that we could find Madagascar geckos at Foster Garden.  So we set out to search for them. I blogged about our adventure here

After that excursion Landon told me that there were a lot of these geckos at KCC's cactus garden.  Since then, I visited the garden often but never ever saw a single gecko . . . until Saturday . . . when me and Lorene were out there for her photo shoot.  She actually saw them first.  With wide eyes she pointed and said, "They just better not jump on me!"  Lo was my subject that day, not the geckos, so I vowed to return. 

And I did . . . yesterday, after work.   They were so skittish, that as soon as I approached, they dug out and disappeared.  I stood still, not moving, with damn choke mosquitoes having a feast on me somehow knowing that I dared not slap them for fear that my sudden movements would scare away the geckos.  

They started reappearing . . . just peeking at first.

Watching my every move.


Then they slowly started coming out again.

Maybe they trusted me now.

Or maybe they forgot that I was there.


These pictures are mostly cropped.  I was using my 100mm macro lens.  They let me get a little close but not too close.







I usually put my favorite shot first, but this time I saved it for last.  Looks like he's smiling for me.  I was there for only 1/2 hour before I ran out of light.  I wanna go back again.  Anybody wanna join me?  I'll show you where they are.


grayce said...

such fantastic pics!! i never find them around these parts. i know kevin likes um..

Leslie's pics said...

I WANNA GO! I WANNA GO! soooo cuuuute!!!

Leslie's pics said...

oh yah, I love the first pic... So adorable!

Yosh808 said...

I LOVE THESE PICS!!!! I wanna go...try my new camera!

Erick said...

So cute, love his smile! You have a gecko buddy, how cool is that?

Susan said...

I'm not a fan of critters but I have to say these pics are soooo colorful and awesome. I see I missed a drawing : ( I was off-island a few days. Ohh and the baby pics with your hats, they just get cuter...all I can say is Anne Geddes watch out for Jalna!

Anonymous said...

i want to go with you!
i have them in my yard too =D


OkiHwn said...

Nice nice pictures of the geckos! You really got patience!

K and S said...

wow! love the colors.

Dd said...

wow...unreal that their coloring is identical ....

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome shots!!! They are so beautiful...their skin is little dots...interesting!!

bebedeer said...

omg...we have lots of those geckos in my yard...they like sweet things and we will find them licking the dried bbq sauce off the can come to my house and "shoot" them anytime.

jalna said...

Awww, thanks Grayce. I neva know Kevin likes um.

Les, bring your EXTENDER!!

Let's go Yosh!

I know Erick, sooo cute.

Thanks Susan. Bummahs you missed the drawing.

Let me know when you're free Kevin. Probably gotta be at around 6:30ish for the lighting.

Nate, usually I no more patience . . . except when it comes to picture taking.

Me too, Kat.

So neat yah, Didi!! Did you notice the blue feet? Soooo cute!

Thanks Betty! I think their skin is pretty intriguing too.

jalna said...

Hahahaha, funny Fawn! I was soooo trying to get "licking" shots, but only got two.

grayce said...

kev - can i smuggle some of yours to makakilo?

DNakamaru said...

Great Shots!

jalna said...

Grayce, I wouldn't mind some in my yard too. I wonder if they can fend off anole lizards. We got choke of those.

Thanks Dean!

Anonymous said...

the green anoles got pushed out by those invasive brown cuban guys. they are prolific breeders in the leaf litter. i used to come home every day from work and 'eradicate some' with carb cleaner and a lighter. now i picked up a wonderful airsoft gun from amazon to plink them. much more sporting, best 10 bucks i ever spent.

the day geckos only seem to like certain plants. gotta go to home depot and get those before they settle.

jalna said...

Anon, I just checked out Amazon. Which one did you get?

Anonymous said...

Mariko said...

So cute!
My photographer friend is totally trying to convince me that macro lenses are totally unnecessary.
I say, how can that be, with cute pictures like this?

jalna said...

Thanks Anon!

Mariko, my macro lens has become my favorite lens. I mainly use it for food and portraits, but also try to use it whenever else I can because I love its clarity.