Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CQ's Basil Tarragon Egg Salad

CQ is the person who will take sausage out of its casing, mix it up with some ingredients and then restuff them back.  So you know that stuffing the yolks back into boiled eggs is right up her alley.

CQ doesn't measure anything when she cooks so this is the best recipe I could get from her.  It was really yummy.  I think I ate 3 eggs by myself.


Boil eggs

Cut in half length wise and take out yolk

Smash yolk and add black pepper, salt, garlic salt, dried or fresh basil, small diced red onion, small diced sweet peppers (bits of diced grapes optional)

Mix mustard and honey (equal parts) then add the meyer lemon olive oil maybe a tablespoon..or to taste

Add mayo and tarragon dijon mustard and a scoop of sour cream

Add fresh chopped cilantro

Mix dry and wet ingredients together.

Paprika and fresh cilantro leaf and thin sliced advocado to top.




Erick said...

She so creative! Tell write a cookbook.

jalna said...

Only thing her cookbook going say, "put some of this and some of that".

Les said...

mmmmmmm....that was yummy!!!

jalna said...


Betty Townsend said...


K and S said...


jalna said...

Hahaha, Betty and Kat . . . very yum!!