Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mural at Fresh Cafe

While shopping for my Dyson (da bomb) vacuum cleaner awhile back, me and Wendell were in the Kakaako area, so I asked him if we could drive by Fresh Cafe.  I wanted to check out the mural that Prime had worked on in a Hawaiian TelCom commercial.   When we got there Wendell pulled over on the side and patiently waited while I took these shots.  He's so good yah!  Which reminds me . . . I got one story.  One morning I was getting together my gear to go out shooting.  Wendell was lying on the bed doing some crossword puzzle or sudoku.  I was excited as usual and said, "I just looooove my hobby!"  He didn't respond, so I repeated, "I just loooove my hobby!"  He mumbled some half-hearted response.  So, I said, "I don't think you heard me.  I said, 'I just looooooove my HUBBY!'" He looked at me, smiled and said, "Not."  Cute yah, us guys.

Anyway, I drove by again yesterday to see if more of the mural had been completed, but it looked about the same as when I took these shots. So I decided to post them anyway.  I'll update as more of the mural gets done.














Leslie's pics said...

Wow that's pretty awesome. Can't wait to see it when he finishes it!

SW said...

you always manage to find to cool colorful murals. The colors are sure beautiful. That mural on Kakaako Kool wall is cool!

jalna said...

Nice yah, Les. I think Prime's portion is the peacock and to the right of it. I wish I knew when they're gonna work on it again. I love to watch them in action.

jalna said...

I think the colors are what I love the most Shun Wah!

K and S said...


Erick said...

Look great the way it is. Let me know when he is pau.

jalna said...

Sure Erick, but best would be to go before they open when no cars are parked in front of the mural. They're open Mon to Sat from 7 am to about 1:00 am. Sunday they're open from 12 to 7 pm. And you know how you always gotta get your beauty rest in the mornings.

mmiissee said...

Nice mural.....You should try the food sometime....its really good.

jalna said...

Ohh good to know, Mmiissee! Thanks!

Betty Townsend said...

Pretty cool! A lot going on in the mural...the colors are so vivid too.

jalna said...

Several different styles going on too, Betty.