Thursday, October 13, 2022

Swap Meet Stuff

These are my scores from this past weekend.

Boiled peanuts ($5).  Wendell loves these.  They're on the crunchier side and not real wet.

Igloo chiller ($1).  Good to give away cucumber kim chee in even though we already have choke chillers per Landon.

Small bread/cake (2/$6).  Yummy.  This vendor also has good cookies.  She's in row 12C.

Mochi cooking thing ($1).  For heating in the microwave.  You add water and drain (????).  I still haven't tried it yet.

Book (50 cents).  The plan is to use the cover to make a watercolor sketch book.

Whole thing for $5.  I like the seller.  Soft-spoken guy.  I bought a Kipling bag for $4 from him before.  Gave the bag to co-shopper Cathy who loves it.

Instant coffee ($6)

Whole thing for $6.  Try look at the regular price for the McCall's pattern.  $17.95!!!  Since when did patterns get so expensive!

Gold ribbon ($1).  I need this like I need a hole in the head . . . but Christmas is coming soon.

Okay, okay . . . hear me out.   Long story, kinda short . . . for some reason I ended up talking story with a seller.  I found out that he had lost his fiancé over a year ago, and that he had become reclusive ever since.  It was his first time selling at the swap meet, but he planned to return.

He mentioned that he was gonna visit his daughter in Vegas soon so I gave him a couple of my Ukrainian charms to give to her.  I wanted to support him by buying something so I picked up the tweezers to look at.  He said that I could have it.  So that's how I scored the tick removal tweezers. 


Anonymous said...

must have been unbearably hot!
I love boiled peanuts too. I guy from either Marukai, Don Quijote or Times. I look for the giant peanut one, little more expensive but hey, YOLO!
I have that mochi cooker. You have to really watch the mochi because if you just set the time according to the instructions and walk away, your mochi will melt and bubble up until there is a goopy liquid mess that takes forever to clean.
hoo, and that tenugui (same picture as McCall's pattern) cost over $5 alone in Japan. Good quality one, not like the Daiso kind that is almost a gauze.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great finds. I’m not surprised the guy gifted you the tweezers because you are a thoughtful and kind person.


jalna said...

V, yah, it gets so hot after awhile. Thanks for the tip on the mochi thing . . . kinda funny. And don't tell anybody but . . . I dunno where I put the tenugui cloth. I can't find it already.

Izsmom, he was a really nice guy. Exactly the same age as me. Aiea grad.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love your swap meet stuff and stories. And how you buy stuff you don't need - but then, was cheap, right?

K and S said...

ooh the dry kind boiled peanuts love!

jalna said...

Aunty, LOL, I just can't resist a bargain.

Kat, I'm growing to like them.

Kay said...

I always have so much fun living vicariously through your swap meet. Hey, I just made boiled peanuts last week and froze some for my brother and Art because they really love them for snacks.

Susan said...

I control my buying stuff by thinking “I hate dusting and I have no storage space anymore” I just stick to edible stuff. I do enjoy your swap meet finds though.

Anonymous said...

J, admire you ability to find great bargains. Do you have to walk all over or do you have your fave sellers. Saw this vid and thought you might like it.

Chet Colson said... found some gems. It's good to support the local vendors.

jalna said...

Kay, I didn't know you could freeze peanuts!

Susan, I need to purge again.

N, ho, that video! Unreal skills. We usually walk down one aisle and back on another.

Chet, hey, you're right!

Kay said...

I didn't know that you could freeze peanuts until Art's 94 year old aunt told him that's what she's been doing with the peanuts we give her so she can have a little each day. We told my brother and now he asks me to freeze his share until he can pick it up too. :-)

jalna said...

Kay, thanks for the tip! I just threw our bag in the freezer!