Thursday, October 20, 2022

Mochi Gadget

Here's another $1 swap meet buy.  I tried it out the other day.

This says "1 minute".

This is around half power on my microwave oven.

The directions say to put just one mochi and fill with water (I think).

There's a line that shows the water level.

After zapping for 1 minute, you drain out the water.

I ate it with a shoyu/sugar sauce.  I liked how it turned out.  It didn't have the crunch you get when you fry it in oil, but it was good.  Plus, it's really fast to make and cleanup is easy.  I'd do it this way again next time I'm craving mochi.

Maybe you can find the gadget at Marukai.  Or just use the same method with a microwave bowl that you already have.  That way you don't have to find someplace to store the thing.  🤪


Anonymous said...

wow, yours came out so good! I didn't really power down so after a minute mine was a horrible gloppy mess all over the micorwave plate. Kden, I'll try again :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

MMMMMMMochi! That last picture had me drooling.

Anonymous said...

i like this gadget so I can add more mochi to oshiruko

K and S said...

looks easy to make:)

Susan said...

Oh wow! Love this…I would probably fry mine after : )

Chet Colson said...

The Japanese are so ingenious and creatlive, cool device. I can't wait for our trip to Japan in March, a food tour.

jalna said...

V, I had to google "oshiruko". To me it translated to "soupy powder". LOL. Good luck with the gadget.

Aunty, that's exactly how I feel about mochi!

Kat, so easy!

Susan, I know what you mean.

Chet, you going Japan!!?? Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Oshiruko is more watery than zenzai but pretty much the same thing.
I actually used to just add green tea (supposed to be water) and a little pinch of salt and several mochi :O to a can of tsubushian


Anonymous said...

I love Mochi! That looks onolicious.


jalna said...

V, wow, so easy!

Izsmom, me too.