Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dwarf Avocado Plant?

 I decapitated my avocado seedling.  My plan is to grow a short tree. 


What you think?



Anonymous said...

I love avocados. How long from seedling to tree to fruit? Is that what you do to grow a short tree?


jalna said...

OMG Izsmom, I heard that it takes about 10 years. And I'm not even sure if I didn't just kill my plant. LOL. But we'll see.

Anonymous said...

maybe it will be ok to sprout since there are little side shoots coming out.
I wonder why it takes most seeds about 7 - 10 years to bear fruit. I gave my boss a sumo orange that I planted about 5 years ago and he said it's nice and bushy but no fruit yet. Plus, since sumo oranges don't usually have seeds, I think if it ever fruits, they might all have seeds.
I've been wanting to plant a mangosteen but it takes 25 years so I wont be alive to enjoy any fruit. Dang!

Honolulu Aunty said...

That might work. I would try even lower so long as you had a little "shoot" present. They actually have dwarf avocado trees. I have already killed 2 after planting in the ground. I learned a lot about that. They don't like to be planted below the ground, but slightly above ground. And it is going to take awhile before fruiting. But then, we have Costco and friends, right?

K and S said...

hoping it works:)

jalna said...

V, it would be so exciting if your sumo bush fruits!! I gotta look up mangosteen now. I think you should try plant one.

Aunty, do you spray with anything? I took my seedling outdoors for a little bit and the leaves got little white specks on them. I don't know what they were, but I dusted them off and brought the plant back in.

Kat, thanks!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Dang bugs/spots/etc.! Sound like white flies but then you got them off before they laid eggs. You can dilute Dawn detergent and spray but sometimes it kills the poor little plant if it is too strong.

I am heavy into learning about Korean Natural Farming. One of the components is LAB - Lactic Acid Bacteria. Sort of like making yogurt and just using the whey. This is the "protector" and might be good to use on leaves and such as well as the ground. Will be posting about my ventures as I do them.

jalna said...

Thanks Aunty! Looking forward to your upcoming gardening posts.

Susan said...

I tried to save the avocado seeds of my neighbor’s avocados but they didn’t sprout. Now after seeing this, I didn’t do it right!

jalna said...

Ho Susan! You can try again!