Sunday, November 21, 2021

Diet Update

Less than a week more to go, and I need to be at 136 to reach my goal of losing 20 pounds by Thanksgiving. 

Been s-l-o-w-l-y chipping away.  There was a 3-week span where I didn't lose a single pound, and I felt like throwing in the towel.  Instead I gave myself permission to extend my deadline. 

nov 20

And I bought this to celebrate when I do reach 136.

And then.  I've been thinking.  If I could lose "only" 4 more pounds and get to 132, my BMI would be at 24.9.  That would put me in the "normal weight" category.  😮


Annie said...

Ho skinny bones!! That's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

J, wow sooo amazing. Keep going, Girl you can do it, in fact maybe not set an end date?? But rather a life style change
Don't deprive yourself unnecessarily, but keep on. I am vety happy for you.And be proud, it ain't easy for us at this age.I think of my weight loss in terms of my age, I currently am my weight in the 1980's :(
I wanna be my high school age, 125lb. My perfect weight
Anyway is that the $29.99 ramen at Don Q??? Seen that there for months. If so what warrants that price cuz the serving is small. -N

K and S said...

you can do it:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Terrific. You go girl!


Anonymous said...

Great job!!!!
oooo i bought that ichiran ramen last year. What a splurge, yah? Keep thinking of getting more,
I was so envious of your losing so much weight. I tried for a month, lost 2 lbs then gained it right back. Gotta really go walking!

Susan said...

Wow, great job! Where did you buy that ramen?

jalna said...

Annie, thanks!

N, you're right . . . this needs to be a life style change. It's so hard to maintain. I love food too much. I bought the ramen at Marukai, but it's also at Don Q.

Kat, cross fingers.

Izsmom, thank you.

V, I wish I could walk as much as you. I no more the stamina anymore.

Susan, I bought it at Marukai.

jenny said...

Oh my gosh, congrats! I wish I was your weight lol! You did such a great job, that ramen is well deserved and should hold you over until we can travel again!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Congrats on your weight loss - which is SO hard with your two great cooks in the house! And that ramen - ho da expensive! Is it that good?

Chet Colson said...

As with life, there's up and down. As long as you try your best and gave it your shot, that goal will come. You have a goal, commit to it. Stay positive!!!

jalna said...

Jenny, thanks! I hope I can go Japan again soon.

Aunty, the ramen is really good, especially the broth. It's a really thick tonkostu broth, maybe a smidge too salty. The noodles are the skinny kind. But yah, too expensive unless you're celebrating.

Chet, thank you.