Friday, November 5, 2021

Coffee Cake Mix from Ross

I mucked up the "swirling" action of the chocolate portion in this coffee cake, but Wendell still liked it.  He even took pieces to share with his golfing buddies yesterday.


I made it using this box mix from Ross.  It was only $3.99.

You just gotta add milk, vegetable oil and an egg.  So simple.  Well, except for the swirling part. 😆


Anonymous said...

Man, I gotta look for food stuffs at Ross. You find some onolicious looking stuff!
I usually just look for household stuff.

jalna said...

V, I used to go strictly for the craft stuff . . . in and out. Now I kinda have a routine that I follow. BTW, I found the cake mix at Kahala. There were only 3 boxes.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Main thing it was ono. Who needs a swirl?

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!


Susan said...

I like how you test out all these Ross stuff so we know what we should & should not buy. lol

K and S said...

still looks ono!

jalna said...

Aunty, LOL.

Izsmom, and it was easy to make!

Susan, my pleasure. LOL.

Kat, thanks!