Thursday, October 1, 2020

Boba Ice Cream Bar

Wendell bought this boba ice cream bar from Safeway last week Friday. It was about $10 for a box of four.


I was so curious to try it.

It had a lot of the tapioca balls and an interesting taste.  It was good, but not sure if it's something that I would crave.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes goes on sale at Longs and Don Quixote for about $8 or so. But not often.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho da expensive! Nice of Wendell to get it for you.

Susan said...

I need to try this. Someone told me $14 for 4 here!😱

K and S said...

glad you got to try

Annie said...

Kinda $$!

jalna said...

Izsmom, thanks, good to know!

Aunty, he surprised me!

Susan, holy cow!

Kat, me too.

Annie, I know!